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The best thing about the DJI Mini 3 Pro might surprise you

Its DJI Mini 3 Pro is an amazing 249-gram prosumer drone. It’s the most compact drone that folds DJI has ever created but my absolute favorite component of the $909/PS859 / 12,000-dollar package revolutionary DJI RC.

The new remote control features an 5.5-inch high-resolution display that is full-color and has a high-resolution.

Before I share with you the reasons it is a joy to use this device that often, it’s important to explain the price you pay for the DJI Remote Control. You can buy the DJI Mini 3 Pro at $669, PS639 or $989. This means that you’ll receive a drone however, there’s no remote (the drone is compatible with DJI’s remote RC-N1, but doesn’t have a screen). If you’d like the drone as well as the RC-N1, the price will be $759, PS709 or 1,119 dollars. The best package is, according to me, is $909 which includes the brand new DJI RC.

The DJI Smart Controller isn’t the first screen-screen remote. This was the discontinued DJI Smart Controller (opens in new tab). From a distance, the two devices look very identical (same square-ish design, similar 5.5-inch display) however, the lines are smoother on the lighter gray DJI RC and there’s no antennas to spread.

What is the reason for the love

To fully understand the reason I love this remote it is necessary to revisit my childhood time of flying DJI drones. For nearly all of them, there’s been a partnership between my smartphone and the remote. Through the years, DJI has come up with several ways to secure smartphones of various sizes , and connecting an extension cable to connect the smartphone’s powerport or data port.

Because they needed to construct it as a universal fit so the marriage can be somewhat awkward. In the beginning, DJI drone remote controls had the study arms were able to be folded out from the remote’s body and then press them against the edges of your phone. The result was messy and messy however I have never seen an iPhone fall out of position. Connecting the cable to them, however was an absolute nightmare.

The remote DJI launched along with DJI Mini 2 (the remote RC-1) is an improvement. The arms had been removed, replaced by a clever spring-loaded clamp that sits on the top of the device. It’s as easy as pulling it out, insert the phone, and let the springs’ tension bring it back over the phone. This made the process of running the cable much easier.

However, even with this remote however, there were a myriad of concerns: Do I have the most recent DJI software? As the mobile editor and drone novice Tom Bedford recently noted, DJI has a habit of creating new apps for various drones. It’s just a matter of paying careful attention to which app you’re required to install.

There are batteries too. A majority of DJI’s drones consume battery power, however I’ve always been concerned about whether I had enough juice in my iPhone. My biggest fear was that, the screen would get dark, I’d be unable to keep track on the drone.

Better ways to do it

It’s easy to see the most obvious and important advantage of the DJI RC It does not have an iPhone or other smartphone of any sort.

There is no need for the connection to Wi-Fi (unless I’m planning to) or find an application, or drag the phone and cables into position. If I didn’t have my iPhone I could use with the DJI Mini 3 Pro.

This is what freedom is.

This is simplicity of use.

This is a lot of fun.

All of this wouldn’t be the case without DJI had not created a top-quality drone control. Although heavier than the previous remotes (and the light DJI Mini 3 Pro) and lighter than the Mini 3 Pro, this DJI RC is a pleasure to handle. The knurled joysticks (which can be removed from the back and then screw into on the side) are perfectly placed above the display, which is a smart choice since my fingers did not cover the screen.

On the front, there is the controls that are easy to reach to snap a quick photo as well as launching or stopping recording. Below, there are two dials (one on each side). One dial lets you control the direction of the gimbal camera while the other lets you zoom into the live image that the drone transmits for the remote.

There’s also a pair of buttons to give quick access to features such as changing the orientation of the camera to either to the right or left as well as access to additional advanced settings for the camera (there are also options to customize).

Between the joysticks, there are buttons for the return home button, power, pause, and a slider to change flight mode. It’s a simplebut sensible design.

Even though there aren’t apparent antennas mounted in this DJI Mini 3 Pro With RC and it was in perfect communication with the drone while it flew over 400 feet above me and then flew over 1 mile away.

Its 5.5-inch touchscreen LCD is sufficient for direct viewing however, my son was able to tell that he could not be able to see what was happening even when he was right in front of me. This isn’t an issue for pilots however, this screen isn’t specifically designed for group viewing.

This screen that is touchscreen-sensitive, doesn’t need you to do much since the remote connects automatically directly to DJI Mini 3 Pro. After that I had to press “Go fly” to access the controls, and then look through the camera of the drone in 4K.

I tap the screen to activate it, then swipe it to use different features.

You can also swipe repeatedly from above the screen you can see what appears appear to be Android underpinnings. In these settings, I added my DJI account details and then enabled Wi-Fi connectivity so that it could be downloaded the most current firmware directly onto the remote and the drone.

I’d imagine that battery life won’t be as impressive when you have a big screen to accommodate, however it’s overtaking many 30 minute flights.

If there’s a limitation there is one, it’s the fact that there is no straight connection with a mobile phone restricts your ability to download media. I can play videos and photos videos recorded on the DJI Mini 3 Pro directly via the microSD card in the drone to the RC’s display. I also have the ability to download images via the DJI RC but not videos. In the event that I owned a smartphone connected to the RC, I could download everything.

Yes it is true that it is true that the DJI Mini 3 Pro is one of the top drones available and one that I loved flying. However, I must say that it could never have been quite as great with out having the DJI RC.