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Reasons To Use QR Codes

Unless you’ve been hiding under some rock for the last decade, it’s likely that you’ve seen QR codes in some form or other, while at work as well as in your free time. Barcodes can be a wonderful way to market your brand, and if you’re in a B2B industry, you can take advantage of them in order to promote your business. But what are the major advantages of QR codes ? And how can they help your B2B website be more effective? We’re here to provide the answers for you.

1. QR codes promote sharing and networking

QR codes are far more than just digital barcodes. They can also be utilized to connect devices on mobiles to the “Like” link on your page on Facebook or send them directly straight to either the Twitter and LinkedIn page. Engaging customers on social media means you have an opportunity to make a connection with them and they are more likely to share the news about your business. In addition, as B2B businesses, you’ll frequently notice that you conduct the bulk of your advertising through word of mouth.

2. They could be used as”call-to-action”

QR codes are linked to audio commentary, trailers instructional videos, or any other type of media to create a call-to-action. Perhaps you could link your QR code to an ‘Email us’ or ‘Call us’ message that scans the code and lets people instantly email or call you? This is a fantastic way to introduce a brand new product or to promote a deal – for instance, when users scan the code, they get discounts. You can also link to the QR image to your web page where an online form for contact is filled in (lead creation for your site) in order to get discounts.

3. They can help improve your SMO and SEO

Did you realize that using QR codes can boost not just your social media marketing, but also search engine optimization? Isn’t that what we’re all striving for? Bring more traffic to searchable objects and you can optimise them through encouraging further sharing.

4. You are really able to come up with your own ideas

QR codes don’t have to be little black and white pixel-heavy boxes. In fact they can be designed to look interesting that allows you to be innovative with business-to-business marketing. There are companies out there (such as QRLicious) that will design customized, fashionable QR codes for you, and other sites where you can change the color of your QR code for a unique look. Don’t hesitate to think outside the box and experiment with something different using your QR codes to generate a buzz on social media that will get everyone talking about your company.

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5. You can assess their effectiveness

Inbound marketing allows you to examine the cost of marketing of sales, but before, using billboards and print marketing this wasn’t feasible. QR codes go one step further, letting you measure your results based on leads and clicks. It is possible to use link-shortening software like to generate automatically QR codes that allow you to share links that are shortened – they also give you helpful analysis!

6. They connect your online and offline media

Print media, such as brochures, flyers and billboards and business cards do not have the ability to directly link directly to online content, such websites. It’s not until you add QR codes, that’s. A growing number of B2B firms are using QR codes to link their print materials to their website, and it’s not necessary to include your web address or telephone number (which may be noted down wrongly) Customers who are interested in your services can use the QR code to scan and go directly to your landing page.

7. Customers are awestruck by them.

Why do customers love QR codes? In the first place, they make their lives easier. You don’t have to remember contact numbers and web addresses or remembering to go to the website in the future – a quick scan of the QR code and they’re either calling your company or filling out a contact form on your site. This is even more important for B2B companies, since you’re dealing with potential customers that are often constrained by time. The simpler and faster they can get in touch with you and learn more about what you’re offering the greater chance to convert them.

QR codes can be utilized in a variety of various ways. Here are only a few of the benefits they can bring to your B2B business website. We’re sure as you start to utilize them yourself, you’ll find numerous reasons why you should not ignore them!