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Pros of Using Face Recognition Systems

ID checks are the standard procedure for a security measure to guard against terrorist attacks but it’s likely to become obsolete. It’s coming to a time when you won’t need to show the ID card we carry because the truth is that you’ll be recognized automatically. A security camera can examine your face, and it will be matched with your name and a significant quantity of information about you beside it, thanks to automatic facial recognition.

It’s not difficult to see that there are lots of benefits associated with installing security cameras on CCTV. But , before that, what is this facial recognition system within CCTV works?

What’s the Process Facial Recognition Technology Work?

The facial recognition software is a form of biometric program that allows its users to identify the person through a digital image. This technology maps out the facial characteristics of people who are being verified mathematically and saves their data in the database. The biometric facial recognition’s mathematical algorithms generally adhere to these steps of image processing within a couple of seconds:


There are many distinctive features that can be seen in the facial features of every person The first stage that the system follows is the gathering of physical or behavioral samples in the specified region. The majority of the time, these samples are collected under predetermined conditions for a certain period of time.


After all the relevant information has been gathered, samples would be separated into individual samples. With these samples the system will generate templates that could be used as the foundation for the upcoming verification process.


Now that the extraction is complete, the next phase of image processing is in contrast. In this phase the data collected will be compared with the current templates. The majority of the software analyzes how far between eyes as well as the depth of the eye sockets, the width of the nose the shape of cheekbones as well as what length the jawline is.


After the stage of comparison after the comparison stage, the system of facial recognition technology will move to the matching stage. In this stage, the technology verifies that the features that are captured are compatible with the existing templates within the system.

This advancement in technology is often used to reshape security surveillance within retail settings and the border security applications. The following section will be able to learn about it in depth.

The technology’s use in retail Setting

In general, workers in retail shops are constantly in contact with other people. This is why they are prone to lose track of people that whom they have interacted throughout the day. And with the help of CCTV cameras equipped with face recognition functions, these retail shops will be able to observe the individuals who visit and leave your website. In addition you can also used as a tool to identify shoplifters and others who are banned from entering the premises. arrive at the store before they are too late.

Alongside that CCTV cameras that recognize faces are also able to assist retail businesses by analyzing patterns of traffic and demographical data of their customers. With this information, business owners will gain insight into how they plan their businesses’ interior design, advertisement location, and staffing.

The use of technology for Border Control Applications

Other than its uses in retail, facial recognition CCTV may also be employed for borders control purposes. By using this technology, the monitoring of passengers who pass through airport e-gates in different border control points is now much simpler. Furthermore, it also enabled airport personnel to carry out automated passport checks to allow for the authenticating of the traveler.

Pros and Pros and Recognition Technology in the Business World

After you’ve learned how facial recognition technology works and how it is used in business, it’s time to learn the advantages and disadvantages of using it. With these knowledge points you’ll be able to assess the capabilities of the technology to improve your business processes. Also, it gives you the capability to alter the weaknesses of the technology to utilize it to your advantage.

The advantages of using Face Recognition Systems:

Improved Business Safety and Security

It’s evident that the integration of facial recognition technology in surveillance cameras will dramatically increase your business’s safety and security. Not only that, but every person who visits your business site will be accounted for and tracked, facial recognition systems will also alert you when it senses intruders on your premises. Furthermore, this also helps businesses to reduce the need for additional security staff to ensure the safety of the company.

High Accuracy of Images Captures

There is no doubt that the technology of face identification is an effective tool that you can utilize to keep track of the people that pass through your business. Furthermore, this advancement of technology also has the ability to provide businesses with an unbeatable security system that has the capacity to capture images with high precision. With that in mind, facial recognition technology could provide businesses with confidence that their website is secure and safe for both their business and customers.

Complete Automation of Verification Process

Before this technology was developed, security guards had to manually cross-check for a confirmation of an identity. However, thanks to the advances in technology, the verification process is now completely automated. Because of this, companies were able to assure their security system’s accuracy efficiently and effectively. The current system isn’t only convenient for the businesses that employ it, this also aids them in reducing costs for security, but without jeopardizing their business’ security.

The reliability of time attendance tracking features

In addition to the systems mentioned above, facial recognition systems also give companies a reliable time-tracking system for their employees. By doing this, businesses are able to stop the likelihood of time fraud among the employees. And since everyone is required to use a face scanner, it will become unattainable for workers to manipulate their clock-ins as well as clock-outs at work. However, facial recognition technology can help businesses improve the reliability and accuracy of their time attendance tracking system.

Pros and Cons of using the Face Recognition Systems:

Limited Data Storage

While facial recognition technology can provide positive benefits for companies however the data it gathers can take up plenty of space in the course of. Due to this, limited storage of data is a major limitation for users of this technology around the globe.

Most businesses are able to are able to overcome this problem by using numerous computers to process data. Even though it’s space-consuming and expensive, it allows companies to store their data with a speedier pace. If the face ID technology that is currently in use in the world advances and improves, this is likely to remain an obstacle for those who use it.

Need for Multiple Surveillance Camera Angles

Another issue with this technology is its frequent necessity for multiple cameras for surveillance angles. Without this, your organization’s facial recognition systems will become vulnerable to failures and setbacks. However, it is crucial to make sure you’ve got several angles, including a profile angle, 45-degree angle, frontal angle and more if you want to acquire exact match results. Furthermore, it’s also recommended by experts to keep your database current in terms of its information if you want to ensure your security system’s accuracy in verifying the identity of the individuals.

Cost of the meeting of Quantity and Size of the Image

When a face detection system performs a comparison or matching, it detects an image of the person in the photo and then compares it to the templates that have been enrolled. In order to ensure the accuracy of the results of this process, it is suggested that businesses employ high-end cameras and reputable software for tracking faces. When you fail to meet the image dimensions and quality requirements, you are likely to have issues during the process of face recognition.

Even though your investment will be rewarded in the long run however, the initial investment could be quite expensive. It is undisputed that you have to spend in order to get the most benefit that facial recognition technology can bring.

Alongside the business perks that facial recognition technology provides, there are challenges and limitations that you have to address. Even so, the advantages of this technology overshadow the drawbacks that come with it. With the right preparation and tweaking, you will be able overcome these challenges and make the most of technology. And this will give you an advantage in the business world.

Experience how facial recognition features in CCTV cameras can transform your security monitoring for your business using the assistance of IT professionals from managed IT services such as House of IT. In this way, you will be able obtain the CCTV infrastructure that will work best for your company and also integrate facial detection systems in a way that is effective. The experts will not just aid you in increasing your company’s safety and security; they can also assist you to keep your security system in good shape throughout the years.