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DJI Mini SE vs Mini 2 SE

On February 20, 2023 DJI unveiled that it would launch the DJI Mini 2 SE without a tinier excitement, but a certain inflationary price hike, but there were some improvements inside the DJI Mini SE replacement. However, when the updated version is released will the more expensive model be worth the price (assuming that the Mini SE stays on sale in certain places)?

Before we dive in but, just what are these drones that cost less? It’s likely to be obvious to anyone who has a good understanding of the different levels that iPhone Apple offer; the iPhone SE is the cheapest that is built on older design and technology than the more modern models. It is designed in order to maintain the basic of Apple’s typically expensive products at a low level, while maintaining the high standards of the brand.

It’s no accident that DJI picked the moniker “SE. It seems that a lot of the overall design and feel DJI’s high-end packaging is due something to Apple however, that could also be true of a lot of tech companies today.

In a rapidly growing market, the “SE” was a method of keeping alive the cost of R&D that was more than enough for the majority of users. In the same way that Apple reused the shells of its older iPhones, DJI first took the 2019 Mavic Mini and repurposed the shell as well as other components to create Mini SE. Mini SE in 2021/22 (depending your location). It was at the same time that the Mavic Mini was replaced by the more powerful Mini 2.

The bottom line is that there are certainly a few products with very similar names (another possibility to be made with the tech company based on fruit) There are more options available offered by DJI in this important weight class. (We should not forget that the Mini 3). Mini 3 has effectively replaced the Mini 2, while a Mini 3 Pro sits above the Mini 3 Pro).

Outside of the “mini” zone DJI also has other drones including the larger Mavic 3, but all drones that have “Mini” in the title are rated at 249g or lower. They are into the European A0 class, which is lower than the weight that is registered for the USA. That’s why there is an abundance of choice and investment here. What is the best choice for you?

DJI Mini Vs Mini 2 SE Design and build

In essence, we’re not likely to have to invest long time in this topic. The biggest distinction in the drones is the model’s name that appears that appears on their arms. This is because the airframe is identical between the two drones and, in fact, was taken over of Mavic Mini before that. Mavic Mini before that.

It’s a great one, featuring propellor blades that extend due to the force of centripetal operation, which helps the aircraft reduce in size to a manageable size. It has a 3-axis gimbal around the camera in the front, and is protected to a certain extent by the overhang of the fuselage. The battery that can be replaced pops through the door in the rear. Once it is in position just a tap of the button to power will display the amount of charge in a four-light power meter.

Both drones can be used with the MicroSD card, and also have an USB-C port to charge the battery.

Be assured that there’s more to this that you’ll find out when we reach this section. Controller and Range heading.

DJI Mini SE vs Mini 2 SE Manoeuvrability and speed

The airframe is similar amount of speed and maneuverability. It’s not a shock certainly, but it’s important to note that wind resistance at 10.5 metres per second (m/s) is an impressive improvement over the previous Mavic Mini, which means that both drones are slightly more stable in the face of the wind’s gusts. This is due to DJI’s software that allows the drone to tilt into the wind for as high as 20 mph (or 30@ in the more efficient Sport mode).

The built-in GPS and optical sensor that faces downwards can also ensure that the drone is capable of staying in its place or heading without much effort on the part of the pilot. For those who are focused about the image or the video or image that they’re recording it’s important.

It is interesting to note that it is interesting to note that the Mini 2 SE claims a slightly improved wind resistance, an increase of 0.2m/s increasing it to 10.7 millimeters per second. It’s still within the same Wind Force Level 5 that is Mini SE. Mini SE, but now corresponds to that of the Mini 3 series. In addition, it appears to be, for the time being that the physics of the drone’s sail area and weight is the most important element.

DJI Mini SE vs Mini 2 SE: Battery life

Although both drones utilize the same battery, which is listed in the DJI’s accessory store with”the” DJI Mini 2 battery – it appears that it’s the Mini 2 SE can squeeze an additional one minute worth of time of it. One minute isn’t much however, it’s a valuable time, in the event that you want to arrive at a particular place and begin to capture. If you’re doing it to have fun – and who would blame you? landing and taking off are to be less stressful.

Small improvements like this are made from improvements to motors or the software that drives them (both drones utilize the same propellers as well). It’s important to note that in both cases , the maximum flight duration is determined by constant forward movement and hovering requires more power and will drain the battery quicker.

Unfortunately, unlike that of the Mini 3, there is no possibility of installing an additional battery to allow to extend the flight, however the half hour flight time is an incredible amount of time. It beats the Autel Nano for example. You can also avail the benefit of using DJI’s Charging Hub the batteries. It comes with three charging bays and can charge in a sequence which makes it simpler to charge (and transport) batteries with ease.

DJI Mini SE v Mini 2 SE: Gimbal

A camera mounted on a gimbal is most likely what sets DJI and other drones like Autel against the crowd of cheap drones for beginners. You can certainly save money by replacing the mechanical part with a simple cushioning system however, the outcomes are not great (at most, as we’ve seen to date).

The 3-axis gimbal, as well as its mount absorb motions of the aircraft, and counteract the body’s movements in order to guarantee smooth and smooth-sounding video produced by the camera. Both drones provide the same degree of manual control. You can adjust the camera’s tilt in a straight line from level to straight (or 20@ up by selecting the option in the settings).

This is where we can find the most significant distinction in the models. There is a major difference between the two models. New Mini 2 SE comes with DJI’s latest style of controllers called the RC-N1, that supports the latest technology DJI calls OccuSync 2. The primary benefit is the more transmission distance. The controller is now available across DJI’s entire range of consumer devices.

The RC-N1 controller has larger in size as compared to Mini SE. It’s also more bulkier than Mini SE, but it features several enhancements. It doesn’t feature an exposed hinged antennas or fold-out grips to hold your smartphone (which is used as a monitor). Instead, the top of unit is able to slide up and hold your phone over the sticks, which means you don’t need to tilt your head to the side when you switch your eyes between the plane and the monitor.

It is also able to replenish the phone’s battery with its bigger battery, which is a good thing considering that flying keeps the phone’s screen powered, which draws energy. With a modern, high-quality phone, you can also enjoy the best screen and a bright, clear display.

The quality of the actual video of the live view preview video is also better having twice the bitrate will ensure less pixelation as with the benefit of more powerful stream. This isn’t to say you’ll find that Mini SE was bad either but here we are referring solely to the quality you experience while flying high-quality video is recorded onto the card.

It is important to note that having a longer range doesn’t mean that you’re able to travel the distances specified. In the majority of cases, you are limited to a lesser extent legally. It’s more of a measurement of signal strength, therefore it’s better than control, it, it will have more confidence in event of interference.

Again, there’s basically nothing that separates the drones in this case as they both have the same size CMOS image sensors, and the same features, apart from Panorama.

Panorama is an option that can be automated that lets you simply hover the drone at the right direction and let it capture several images in order and then automatically stitch into the form of a panorama. This feature – which is included on the majority of DJI drones was removed out of in the Mini SE but it seems that the Mini 2 SE can handle it.

In other cases, the images are taken as 4:3 with the full 12 megapixel resolution (or an option to crop 16:9) which are saved in JPEG format. You can alter the settings prior to taking pictures however there isn’t an RAW option available on the drone.

To keep things affordable (and aiding DJI’s differentiation) This means that Mini 2 SE isn’t a great choice. Mini 2 SE still restricts its capabilities only to 2.7K video. It’s basically the same amount of pixels that iPhone 14 Pro Max. iPhone 14 Pro Max (2796 1290 x 2796) which is not a huge difference however, people who are looking for 4K video can expect to disappoint. DJI is, without doubt, will direct users to the more expensive Mini 3 series.

We’ve already reviewed the gimbal and it is a good opportunity to emphasize that resolution is just one indicator for the high-quality drone videos. Video quality is steady and 2.7K is sharp enough for most applications. Contrary to Mini 3, however, the camera stays horizontal, which means that a less resolution is visible when the camera is cropped to vertical format. The digital zoom, too, can be described as a unique feature, and even at 2x it can reveal the limitations of a 12- millimeter sensor.

It’s a tiny sensor with autofocus instead of fixed focus however, that too will not matter as much as you think. Drone videos are generally recorded in good lighting from some distance. While this is a refresh , and you could ask for more features but we think that this video will astonish the majority of people in a positive way.

DJI Mini SE v Mini 2 SE: Software features

Both drones require a mobile phone (iOS and Android) and the DJI Fly app to provide access to all functions and provide vital feedback. It’s a great toolthat has been improved through time and is now available across every DJI consumer drones.

The same technology is that is on the plane, there’s not much to comparison. DJI offers a variety of QuickShots, that let the drone control its camera and drone to create a video that can be shared lasting around 15 seconds without any input from the user. Both drones provide the same set of QuickShots, and let’s admit it, they’re enjoyable.

You could of course view the Panorama function only for Mini 2 SE. Mini 2 SE, as it is also in this category this is an isolated win for the latest model.

DJI Mini SE vs Mini 2 SE: Verdict

There’s no doubt it is it is that the DJI Mini 2 SE is the superior model because it’s basically the same with an undoubtedly newer and more powerful controller. However, as both are on the shelves of the supplier chain do they really warrant the extra money? We’re not sure.

We love our Panorama feature, particularly when the results are inserted into a viewer application that lets you move and scroll around the reverse the sphere. The main benefit is the more efficient controller. Mini 2 SE Mini 2 SE makes tangible improvements in the signal’s robustness, and you can clearly see how much benefit this extra bandwidth brings to streamed live video. Mini SE Mini SE is definitely happier with clearer skies and is further away from urban interference, whereas the successor does not have similar weaknesses.

If you’re trying to save money, you’ll still get a top product with Mini SE. Mini SE. Many might argue that having the lighter and smaller size of the controller is an advantage (especially in the case of reliable phone batteries). It’s unlikely that the previous SE will remain in stock for long therefore if you’re looking to get the best price, now is the time to buy it. Video recorded on the computer looks exactly identical as well. The benefits of a live feed appear rather insignificant once you’ve transferred the video onto your phone or tablet to watch it again.

Both cases DJI provide the drone and a single controller as well as the Fly More bundle with extra propellors for spares, a set of three batteries as well as a charging hub and bag. Mini 2 SE Mini 2 SE also throws an extremely useful propeller protector, which provides an additional layer of protection, and it changes from a zip-lock cases to more conventional camera bag, with straps.

We’re saying this since it’s true that the Fly More bundle is a excellent value and we’ve seen it widely reduced, adding weight for the Mini SE’s advantage. It’s not that we don’t love Mini 2 SE, but we do like the Mini 2 SE, but If you’re looking to spend for a bit more, then check out it. Mini 3 too!