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How Football Betting Works

Football is among the most followed sports, with millions of people watching it. This has led to a large number of เว็บแทงบอล for football appear in the last few years. However, most people don’t know how to place bets on football. In this Football betting instruction for newbies will guide you through everything you have to know about football betting.

There is only one way you can place football bets with the same precision as a professional is to know how football betting functions. Football betting involves the placing of bets on specific football matches. The events are drawn from various football tournaments, for example:

English Premier League
UEFA Champions League
European Championship
Copa America
FIFA Club World Cup
FA Cup

Every sportsbook gives you various football markets and varied odds sizes that you need to place bets. Additionally, some sportsbooks offer features to assist with football betting. Therefore, it is up to you to decide which markets you want to go with and the odds to consider while placing football bets. Be aware that you can place live or pre-match bets. Also, most sportsbooks offer fixed odds and spread betting, making them a good choice.

The odds for football are the probabilities of a football-related event happening. They typically accompany betting markets for every football match. Based on football odds, one are able to calculate the amount you’ll make if you place a winning bet. This is the reason why you are advised to select only sportsbooks with high odds. Odds are also a way to determine the team that is favourite as well as the underdogs, particularly if you are planning to make the easy home win or away win bet.

Note that different continents and countries use different odds formats. This is why bookies offer odds formats like American, Malay, Indo, Hong Kong, and Decimal to its players. It is crucial to look at the odds of each bookmaker before making a decision to sign up.

It is difficult to bet on a sportsbook without betting on football without. Betting markets provide you with the type of predictions you can make at a sportsbook. Here are some betting options for football that you must know.

Outright (winner) bets

Outright Winner is a betting market that asks the player to choose which team will be the winner of the particular tournament. It can be it the UEFA Champions League or the English Premier League. For instance, you could bet it is likely that Manchester United will win the championship among the 20 football clubs that play in the Premier League. This means that you’ll only get profits in the event that Manchester is the winner of the league. It is recommended to look into the Outright Winner option before the tournament begins in order to get the best odds.


Handicap is an incredibly popular option for betting when a higher team is playing a weaker football club. The purpose of the handicap is to equalize the playing field, by defying the better team. For instance, if Manchester City is playing against Watford The bookmaker can give Manchester City a -1.5 handicap. In order for Manchester City to win, the bookie can subtract 1.5 from Manchester City’s final score and compare the results to that of Watford. Should Manchester City still leads, you win the bet. In football there are two kinds of handicaps, Asian Handicap and European Handicap.

Over/Under Markets

Over/Under is another typical market for football betting in the betting on football scene. It is a good option when you wish to forecast factors, but not necessarily the outcome. For instance, you could predict the Total Score of the game to be greater than 2.5. Thus, you’ll win the football bet if the score of the match is above three.


An accumulator can be described as a type of bet which has several forecasts rolled into one. The primary types of accumulators include:


In a tournament, you can bet Arsenal to win, Chelsea to Lose, Manchester City to Win, and Crystal Palace to Win. When all forecasts are right you’ll take home the accumulation. However, if any prediction is wrong the bet is lost. bet.

Totals – Corners, Bookings, etc

Totals is yet another betting option that is popular among bookmakers. The betting market requires you to estimate the total amount of corners, goals, or points earned in an event. You can also put your bets in on the entire amount of bookings for an event. This option is typically employed in conjunction with the Over/Under. Suppose Arsenal plays Leeds United. Bet on Total goals greater than 2.5. To win , the total scores made by both teams must be three or more.

Double Chance

Double Chance is an extension of the well-known 1×2 football betting market. In this instance you have the chance to predict two distinct outcomes from an event. You can pick Home Win or Draw or pick Away Win, or Draw. For instance, if Chelsea are playing Arsenal then you can choose Chelsea to Win or draw. So, you’ll get regardless of whether Chelsea wins or draws. But, betting typically has lower odds because it’s considered to be less risky.


The Scorecast is a great football betting option when you are looking to combine two wagers into one. Scorecast demands you to guess that the first Goalscorer as well as the Correct Score. Therefore when Liverpool is playing Chelsea, you can predict Moh Salah to be the first Goal Scorer and Liverpool to win 3-1.

Half TimeFull Time

Betting on a Half Time/ Full Time bets involves predicating the half time score and the full time result of the match. If it’s knockout match, then extra time will not be added instead, it’s the normal 90 minutes of the match. Before placing your bet you should be aware that halftime and full-time can result in three different outcomes. It is Home Win/Draw/Away win. Thus, for an Brentford match against Leicester City match, you can Predict a Draw at halftime, and Leicester City to win full time.

Long Term and Special bets

Special and long-term bets are crucial to take into consideration for those who want to take advantage of profit-making odds. Long-term betting is the process of placing a football bet on events weeks or months before they happen.

Some sportsbooks refer period bets under the name of Futures.

The most suitable long-term wager is the Outright Winner or Tournament Winner betting option. In contrast, Specials betting entails wagering on outcomes that may or might not occur during a football event. The best example of specials bets is the Manager bet and player bets. Like tong term bets, special bets offer competitive odds that you could benefit from when punting on football matches. But timing is important particularly if you are after enjoying the best odds on the market.

Football betting can be classified into two main types: pre-match betting and live betting. Live betting involves betting on football matches after they begin. The majority of sportsbooks set their live football games in the section in-play, which makes them accessible. The benefit of betting in-play is that you get to participate in the action. It is essential to keep an eye about the event if are planning to place a live bet. Therefore, you are advised to pick a book that offers particular live betting features, like live streaming and cash out.

With the functions the features provide, you’ll be in complete control of your bet account. The features allow you to watch live football events and withdraw your bet from the bet. But then, before you enter the section in-play, remember that odds for in-play games vary based on the action on the field. Furthermore, the operator can close certain markets, making the markets inaccessible to punters.