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Why Buy From Your Local Bike Shop?

It’s not uncommon for something to go wrong with your bike. You might have worn it out over time. You might have overcooked it, and the result was that your bike bounced through the woods and destroyed the part. Perhaps it is time for your bike to be retired and replaced with something new and shiny.
No matter the reason, you will need to purchase new mountain bike equipment. You have several options. One is to buy used items on Craigslist and other forums; another is to buy online; the third option is to buy directly from your local bike shop (LBS). Here are five reasons why LBS is a good place to shop for your next purchase.
Contribute to the Local Economy

Let’s face reality, most people are struggling to make ends meet right now. The economy is currently in decline. You can help keep your local economy afloat by spending your money in your local bike shop, instead of buying online. It’s easy to see how this works: if you buy a bike part online, your entire purchase price will leave your local economy. You can still get some of the parts if you buy them in your local shop. But not all. It is possible to move even further around the locality with what remains. Some goes to local tax, which is then re-spent in the area. Some go to employees at bike shops, who can use it again locally. Your money stays in your area, instead of being spent hundreds of kilometers away.

Try before you Buy

Some items are simply not worth buying online. As soon as you think of bicycles, helmets or gloves, clothing and shoes are the first things that come to your mind. But you don’t have to buy them all. There are so many accessories that you should try before buying. Every accessory is made differently. You won’t be able to tell the difference by just looking at a picture online. You can feel the difference in how the product is made and how it works by holding it in your hand. It’s possible to test drive a bike at the LBS, if you decide to buy it. Online.

Support and Service

Most people are not able to spend the time and effort necessary to repair their bike. The mechanically handicapped can enjoy many benefits by buying a bike, or parts for a bike, at a local store. Most shops offer at minimum a year’s worth of free adjustments and tune-ups. Some even offer lifetime tune-ups for bicycles bought there. Parts purchased at the shop generally cost less than those bought elsewhere. A bike shop Edinburgh will assist you with any warranty concerns if something fails to work or breaks. It’s up to you to decide if you shop online.

If they don’t stock the part that you need, make sure you ask. They can order almost any part within days and won’t charge shipping. LBS will make sure that you purchase the right part. It is possible to order the wrong part because of all the variations in component configurations and standards. SRAM’s SRAMXX crankset, for example, can come with three different chainring options, four different bottom bars, and two different lengths of crank arms. These are just 28 options. And don’t even get me started on headsets!

The Human Connection

Buy locally, whether you’re buying bikes or other items, and you can build relationships. LBS employees are able to get to to know you. You may even consider each others friends. This has many benefits. Because they understand you and what you like, they can recommend gear that suits you. The online store cannot give you a complete list of their most-popular items. LBS is a good place to go if you need help, especially if your regular customers. LBS will assist you with any issues you may have, such as a lost rear derailleur or a ride on Saturday. There are many shops that will take apart brand-new bikes to make sure the customer has what he needs. One of our LBS owners even allowed customers to borrow their own bikes while his frame was being replaced under warranty. This kind of service is not available online.

They support YOUR riding scene!

LBSs are a great way to give back to your local riding scene. Is there a last time that an online store hosted a charity event or race in your locality? Is there a regular schedule of rides? Are there any local advocacy groups that have received money from online stores? Do you have any experience with trail work?

LBS owners and employees make up a part of your riding scene. They are just like you, riders. By spending your money at the LBS, you are supporting your riding scene. While online shopping may get your money, they are not able to provide the same level of support for you and your trails. Make sure you spend accordingly