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What Does A Stubbington Do?

It’s not necessary to engage a Stubbington estate agent when selling your home. You are able to sell it yourself, however the majority of sellers do so in order to ensure they have the greatest chance of attracting potential buyers.

It can be difficult because there are many different types of agents in operation in the UK. They vary from agents that offer listings-only services, and market the property on the internet through websites such as Rightmove as well as full-service agencies where the agent will manage viewings and oversee the sale process for you from beginning to finish.

The agent usually:

Offer you a house valuation and marketing price

Market the property through the channels they prefer

Find prospective buyers, and then arrange and conduct viewings.

You can negotiate the terms of any possible offer you make with your new buyer

Be sure to consult during the entire process to make sure you accomplish your goals.

Help keep the flow of the transaction and assist in resolving any problems as they arise

The cost of the service will be determined by the agent and the type of service that you’ve chosen generally, they will be charged a fixed amount or a percentage of the final sale price, which may range from 0.5% up to 3% + VAT.

A lot of agents work on a business model that only takes a payment if they successfully sell the property, however upfront fees for marketing a property are becoming more commonplace due to the increase in price competition and agents looking for fresh ways to work.

If you decide to hire an agent to market your property, you must enter into a contract with them to perform the task. Agents who are more traditional typically offer two types of contract:

Sole agency – As part of this arrangement , you’ll agree to market the property exclusively to the agents for a specified duration of time. You will not be able to instruct other agents to sell your property. Before signing make sure you are clear on the duration of your commitment to your agent and as well as the steps that is required if you wish to conclude the contract end and any associated costs if you later decide to sell the property through another agent.

Joint agency – This is where you are able to instruct more than one agent to advertise your property. In general, the cost that is charged is greater, as with more than one agent working on your property, there is more of a chance for the agent to be a victim of an additional person might be able to sell it. In this scenario, the agent who introduces the buyer initially is the one that is charged the fee. However, be sure to check the fee if each agent were to introduce you to the same buyer.

It is not necessary to hire an agent to sell your property but some of the advantages of using one are:

They have experience in the field. The majority of people sell their homes once every seven years, agents handle it day in day out , and they know how to deal with the problems. An experienced agent will be aware of the specifics regarding the marketplace in the region and be able to present evidence of the cost and kind of property they’ve sold locally.

They will give you professional advice on how best to achieve your goals.

They give you access to their market expertise and networks of contacts who are looking to purchase.

They have to deal with the pressure and stress of dealing with potential buyers.

They are able to take the emotion out of the transaction. This is especially important when you’re selling your home because it’s a lot more personal.

They provide protection in the event of you have a problem, and will guide you through the problems.

You will get your property onto portals like Rightmove to ensure the highest exposure across the market and the country.

They will reduce the chance from making mistakes during the transaction, as they are more knowledgeable and have expertise.