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Is it worth getting aluminium windows in Glasgow?

As an aluminium fabricator who is dedicated for trade so it shouldn’t come as any surprise to find out that we’re staunch belief that aluminum isn’t the most popular choice for installers. Making sure that reliable tradesmen are able to provide the advantages and features that modern homeowners are used to and more, here are our top 10 advantages of windows made of aluminium.

1. Contemporary and modern aesthetic style

The one thing you can count on when choosing to install windows made of aluminium, is the stunning aesthetics they create, which is possible through simple lines and sleek frames. This makes aluminium windows the perfect option for modern properties and buildings with high rises, but their elegant style can be adapted to suit older properties.

2. Durable powder-coated finishes

As opposed to the usual foils that are required to colour uPVC window frames The process of heating powder coating is far more effective and durable. It is a process of colouring exclusive to aluminium windows and makes each of our 150 colours shades we offer vibrant and rich, allowing installers satisfy a variety of preferences of customers.

3. Strong and durable, yet light

In its nature, aluminum is extremely strong and has a great strength-to-weight ratio. This means there’s less aluminum needed to support huge amounts of glass when compared to other windows made of other materials. The contemporary style is maintained with smaller frames and greater area of glass.

4. The insulation is very high.

Aluminium windows have gained an enviable reputation for offering the highest levels of thermal insulation and a reduction in energy that is required to heat a home. This is mostly due to the aluminium window’s ability to incorporate subtile design elements, such as multi-chambered polyamide frames inside that can to make a huge difference.

5. It is suitable for commercial and residential applications

The decision to install windows made of aluminum opens your business to clients from not only the domestic market as well as the commercial sector as well. Aluminium is the most popular material for high-rise apartment buildings as well as new development properties and retail buildings due to their sleek frames and flexibility.

6. Exceeds British energy standards

Aluminium windows designed by our team eliminate certain of the typical stress that hinders installers on the job With U-values of as lower as 0.71 W/M2k easily achievable. This energy efficiency is comfortably below the standards established by UK government standards, as well as helping your customers cut down on their energy usage and cut costs on their energy bills.

7. Highly recyclable

Aluminium is one of the easiest metals to recycle, making it the more appropriate choice for anyone looking to be more environmentally-friendly and reduce their carbon footprint. It is estimated that only five percent of the energy used to make an aluminium window is used for recycling, which is combined with the material’s inherent energy-saving characteristics making it a greener alternative to the material.

8. Resistant to corrosion

While air and water resistance is a common feature of aluminum doors and windows, their features that prevent corrosion provide them with a low-maintenance with a long life. As with other materials, the possibility of cracking, swelling, or decay is not possible.

9. Modifiable to different styles

Tilt and turn, Overswing and casement, aluminum windows can be made to virtually any size or shape. Whatever the style, they all of them offer the numerous benefits mentioned above and are characterized by their quality, beauty and energy efficiency. Aluminium gives installers the capacity to satisfy any need and preference of the customer.

10. Sleek and clean sightlines to allow better light entry

One of the benefits of the naturally slim sightlines that aluminium windows always provide is their capacity to brighten areas that are otherwise considered dark and dingy. Particularly beneficial for commercial projects and domestic ones, ensuring that customers can easily enter an area for retail is an excellent benefit and something that aluminium windows are perfectly suited to excel in.