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How to Prepare Your Items When Using A London Man and Van?

There are many reasons you may require the services of a man with a van. There are many different situations, so you might not be in need of a man and van. It’s not uncommon for us to get calls from people who haven’t assessed their circumstances and requested the wrong service. Let’s get into the details and see how man and van services work to help you make the best decision.

1. What’s The Difference Between a Van and a Regular Mover?

Both can be used when someone wants to relocate their work or home. Van services, which are smaller in scale, can usually be used to relocate within the limits of a city. They use a van to transport the goods, which is more convenient than using a lorry. This means that fewer people are required to do the job. You can use regular moving services for more complex removals.

One important distinction needs to be made: man and van London companies only provide this specific service. Depending on their size, moving companies are able to perform regular or man and van moves.

It is important not to forget that there is always an exception to the rule and that companies have different moving capacities. It all depends how diligent the employees work and what quality standards are established by the owner.

2. How do I choose the Perfect Man and Van Company

Research is key in choosing the right business. It’s as easy as that. These are the essential things to look for:

Reliability. Visit their Facebook Page and Website. Find articles or mentions related to this company by searching the Internet. Locate their office to contact them.
Reviews – Some companies don’t have a properly-maintained website. But that doesn’t automatically mean they are bad service providers. Trustpilot or Yelp will help you to identify legitimate agencies from fraudulent ones.
Insurance policy. Look for companies with full coverage. The movers are unlikely to reimburse you if the item is damaged due to how it was packed.

Many fraudsters love to target the man and his van services regardless of their location. This is why you should be very vigilant and ask lots questions. Require information about:

The type of vehicle they use
How many movers arrive at your house?
Experience with similar relocations
You can even ask for referrals from existing customers.
The insurance agency with which they work and the policy coverage
Hidden expenses, taxes and other fees

What Type of Van is Best?

Most London-based man and truck services have only one van, either small or medium in size. The vehicle can accommodate either 40 boxes or 15 boxes as well as a washing-machine, fridge, and a double mattress. If your move is more than that, you may consider looking for a vehicle that offers more cubic feet. Luton vans can accommodate the belongings in a typical 2 bedroom property. However, larger moves will require multiple vans to transport your belongings.

4. How do you prepare your items when using a Man and Van?

There are many things to consider to ensure the relocation goes as smoothly as possible once the van arrives. The most important are:

You should pack all your belongings carefully and make sure they are secure. Moving companies can charge more for unprepared packing. It is a great way to save time and effort if you can get specialized packing materials.

Label the boxes appropriately – As we have explained in these packing tips you can use different colour for each type room in your new house. You will be able to help your man in a van load the boxes into the correct rooms and save yourself time later. This is why labelling is so important when moving a company.

It is important to arrange parking ahead of time. It is best to make sure there are enough parking spaces near the new and old properties. If you park the van far from your property, the moving time will be longer and could result in higher costs.

Create a plan. Share it with the professionals. It’s important to communicate well with those who provide man and van services for London. It is important that you share your vision about the moving process with the van driver as soon as it arrives at your house.

5. When is it advisable to hire a man-and van service?

There are many ways that man and van services can help you. Below is a list of most commonly used situations for which this service may be beneficial to you.

If you just want to move one thing.
If you are looking to move fast and do it in a single day.
If you’re moving to a very close area.
You can save money on packing and lifting heavy items by yourself.
Students attending college or university who are looking for a place to stay in a safe and efficient dorm room within the city limits.

These types are not for everyone. If you are:

You may need to transport high-value items such art or antique furniture.
You are moving too many items. Sometimes, it’s best to book a regular domestic moving service and have all of your items put in one big lorry.
Better to spread your possessions in 4 or more random vans.
Professional packing will be done for you. We mentioned earlier that specialized companies can rarely provide high-quality packing services.

Here it is. This information will help you evaluate your needs and communicate these to your delivery or relocation specialists.