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How do I choose a roller blind?

How do I choose an adjustable blind? Start by determining whether the room in question will present any particular issues for the blind. Then, take a look for possible add-ons or other options Then, begin narrowing your choices for designs and colours, or look around for inspiration!

This blog post will teach you how to choose roller blinds that are suitable for different spaces as well as provide basic blinds and features you could like to consider.

What should I consider when choosing the best roller blind?

If this is your first punt into blinds, and you’ve made it as far as knowing what is a roller blind and why you’d like to purchase some then welcome! We will be more than delighted to provide you with as many sets of blinds as you can let your postie carry.

Roller blinds are the most popular kind of blinds we offer, because they’re inexpensive, stylish tough, durable and simple to install by yourself.

It is possible that you have selected roller blinds specifically because of their simplicity and their self-explanatory nature of their name : they’re blinds, and once it rolls, and you’re good to go.

However, you may have stopped shortly after this if you visited our site (or that of someone else we do not appreciate) with the mission brief of “get blind of x color,” and found more options than you had to do with or how to translate.

What can I do to select the best roller blind then? Through the following four steps:

1. Be sure to select a blind that is the perfect window partner

The first step is to ensure that the roller blinds fit the window being considered. Roller blinds work perfectly to any window except for those that are incredibly large or incredibly high. If you do have an extremely wide, tall or over all large window, it’s possible you won’t be able to make a roller blind with a sufficient width to accommodate it.

If that’s the case, you can think about using two or multiple smaller roller blinds side by side, or you may need to look into alternatives such as vertical blinds that can be constructed to fit more or less the size of windows.

Also. There is a purpose or function that roller blinds cannot fulfil which is that they cannot be used to precisely control light. Blinds made of rollers consist of one sheet of fabric, unlike blinds with slats, Louvres, or even graduations. It means that a roller blind can be open or closed, or in between.

If precise light control is something you’d like your blind to provide, but you are particularly drawn to the simple design and style of blinds made from rollers, I suggest having look at day or night blinds that are a particular type of roller blind that’s more unique than the usual and that can be used to filter light.

2. Consider if the room you are in will pose any specific challenge to your blinds

Challenge like what, You ask? Ok so basically this means the use of these blinds in rooms that are surrounded by water. Rooms which are likely to become humid or heated up like the bathroom or kitchen need blinds that are waterproof to make sure that they’re able to the job.

There’s a possibility of waterproof roller blinds that are made from both PVC and vinyl fabrics (either being fine, neither is better over the other, but they’re both excellent) But regular blinds are made of polyester, which isn’t waterproof.

Search for specific waterproof roller blinds, or check the material/waterproof condition of any blind you’re thinking about buying before placing an order.

Another obstacle a blind in the kitchen could face will be vapourised cooking fats, which could saturate the blind, which isn’t waterproof, and make it appear dirty quick and also attract dirt to adhere to the blind. Another reason to opt for a waterproof blind for kitchens.

Additionally, a few other issues that certain rooms or applications might face could make waterproof blinds suitable as well. One of them is if someone smokes in the house/room; if it is, a waterproof blind won’t become covered in nicotine staining as well as the inevitable yellowing of its surface that occurs over time can be cleaned off.

For children’s bedrooms or playrooms, waterproof roller blinds might be worth considering as well If your kids are in any way messy; and If they’re not do they, by any chance still in their original packaging , and are they available to swap?

3. Choose if you’d like your blinds to have any other characteristics

Roller blinds are by far the most simple type of blinds you can purchase with regard to their design and functionality, but modern roller blinds come with a few options you could consider to suit different purposes too.

Blinds made of rollers can be fitted with blackout lines, which is of course popular for bedrooms, but has uses for other rooms for example, a home office if you would like to control the lighting for video calls by means of artificial lighting, as well as the family room area for evening gaming or horror film marathons!

Additionally, you can also buy blackout roller blinds that include thermally insulated linings they help reduce the loss of heat through windows and assist in keeping your hard-earned heating spend in the interior of the house.

4. Think about colors and styles.

After you’ve reached that point in determining whether roller blinds are the best choice for you, working out whether you’ll require waterproof blinds, and deciding whether you’d like to add any additional attributes – you’re now able by looking through the colour and style to choose.

This part is down to you!

How do I choose a good roller blind to use in a bathroom or kitchen?

A good kitchen or bathroom roller blind needs to be waterproof in the vast majority of instances.

For a bathroom or kitchen which is large and well ventilated , without chances of getting your blinds splashed in, you may be able with standard polyester roller blinds; but this is the most unusual, not always the normal.

How do you choose the right roller blinds to cover your bedroom or living room

Blinds that are designed for bedrooms and living spaces do not need to be waterproof, although should you be shopping for kids’ roller blinds, considering the idea of waterproof options on the table could have merit!

For bedrooms and living spaces too, roller blinds with a thermally insulating lining are worth considering, particularly for windows with drafty air and/or one of the major sources of heat loss from your home is through the windows. This could mean that your roller blinds end being a cost-effective investment in the long and medium term as a result of the energy cost they can help you save.

For bedrooms specifically, you might want to consider the blackout option for your roller blinds. They are a popular choice for those who need darkness to sleep, but good standard roller blinds (we call them dim-out blinds) do make rooms dark.

Rooms that have dim-lit roller blinds are sure to be sufficient for a lot of people. A majority of people prefer this over a full blackout too since it will help you stay in the right place when you wake up when there is a bit of lighting in the room to give you an idea of when you’ll be.

How do I pick the colour or style?

It is by far the most difficult or time-consuming part of the process for many people It can also be too many choices in many ways, since roller blind ranges are extensive.

It is possible to start looking around, then see what you like and make a shortlist and go from there, or you might need to reduce what you are looking for in terms of colours and/or patterns first, and browse based on these criteria.