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800mm Wide Towel Radiators: The Perfect Way to Dry Towels and Heat Your Bathroom

Because they offer a huge surface area for drying towels and can be used to heat the space, 800mm wide towel radiators are a common option for bathrooms. These radiators come in a range of designs and materials, so you can select one that goes with the bathroom’s design.

The advantages of 800mm-wide towel radiators

Utilising a towel radiator that is 800mm broad has a number of advantages. These consist of:

enormous surface area: You can dry several towels at once thanks to the towel radiator’s enormous surface area, which is 800mm wide.

800mm wide towel radiators can be used to heat the space in addition to drying towels. In bathrooms without a central heating system, this can be useful.

It is possible to select an 800mm wide towel radiator that complements the design of your bathroom thanks to the vast range of types and finishes that are offered.

Easy to install: You may do it yourself or contact a professional to install 800mm wide towel radiators because they are normally simple to install.

800mm wide towel radiator types

Electric and water-filled towel radiators are the two primary varieties.

Electric towel radiators: These radiators run on electricity and don’t need any plumbing to function. They are an excellent choice for bathrooms without a central heating system.

Water-filled towel radiators: When the water in these radiators is heated, they heat up and are connected to your central heating system. For bathrooms that are heated by a central heating system, they are a suitable alternative.

Selecting the Best Towel Radiator, 800mm Wide

There are a few things to take into consideration while selecting an 800mm broad towel radiator. These consist of:

The size of your bathroom should be taken into consideration while selecting a radiator. A radiator that is too big or too little is not what you want.

The radiator’s style and finish should complement the bathroom’s decor. You should be able to discover one that you like because there are so many different styles and finishes to choose from.

The radiator’s type: Depending on your demands, select an electric or water-filled radiator.

The pricing range for towel radiators is between a few hundred and a few thousand dollars. Before you go shopping, establish a spending limit to prevent overspending.


Towel radiators that are 800mm wide are a functional and fashionable method to heat and dry towels in your bathroom. Take your time and select the 800mm wide towel radiator that is best for you because there are many things to think about.

Additional suggestions for selecting and utilising 800mm towel radiators are provided below:

Pick a radiator that will fit properly in your bathroom. A radiator that is too big or too little is not what you want.

Pick a radiator with a strong guarantee. If the radiator malfunctions, you will be safeguarded by doing this.

Have a licenced plumber properly install the radiator. This will guarantee that the radiator is properly mounted and safe to use.

To ensure that the radiator is functioning properly, test it frequently.