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Van locks explained: which locks are the most secure?

For those who rely on their vans for work van security is a crucial matter, especially since van thefts have increased recently. Unfortunately commercial vans are an easy to target for thieves, particularly in the case of work that involves you transporting items or keep tools inside your vehicle.

It is a good thing that installing additional van locks could act to deter thieves, and also help you avoid having to cover the cost of replacing your tools and equipment. With so many van locks to choose from it’s difficult to decide which to pick. This article will review the options for van security locks and show which one is most appropriate for your needs.

The different types of van door locks

There are a variety of van locks that are available however these are the ones that are the most commonly used:

Slam lock
Hook lock

What exactly is a Slam Lock?

Like the name implies, an slam lock will lock the vehicle once you shut the door. It can be removed from inside the vehicle , without keys, and this is extremely beneficial since it keeps your from being trapped in the vehicle. If the door closes, it implies that the door has to be locked from the outside, which increases security.

Slam locks are typically placed on the back of the doors, but they may be added to the driver’s and passenger’s seat compartments to deter thieves from taking the van in its entirety.

Why is the use of a slam lock beneficial?

Slam locks are especially beneficial for couriers and drivers who have multiple drop points because they let you lock the car when you’re taking delivery without any hassle. This is especially useful when you’ve got heavy packages that you need to lock the vehicle is complicated or time-consuming.

Installing a slam locking device and taking goods out of the cover is a great method to protect your van as well as your business.

What is deadlock?

A deadlock is an additional security measure that operates by putting a bolt in the receiving bracket located on one side of the doors. In contrast to the slam lock you’ll need to secure the doors to the van in order to activate this deadlock feature. Deadlocks aren’t accessible from inside the van. Therefore, when a burglar tries to smash a window to open the van from inside, they will not be capable of doing so.

Why is a deadlock important?

Deadlocks can be useful for companies who don’t require getting in behind their vehicles often. This can include:

Removal companies

Slam locks and. deadlocks: Which one is more effective?

Both deadlocks and slam locks are better suited for various applications. While a slam locks is great best for people who must regularly access their van while a deadlock is best for those who don’t have to use their vehicle as frequently but still require an additional protection.

Deadlocks can provide some extra security when compared to locks that slam because they employ an entirely separate mechanism that cannot be removed from the inside. Therefore, should you only need security, this could be the best choice.

What is a hook lock?

Hook locks function exactly the same way as deadbolts, except that the bolt is connected. If thrown, it will hook into the bracket that it is receiving, providing an extra protection layer in comparison to deadlocks.

When should hook locks be utilized?

Hook locks are suitable in any situation in which a deadlock is the most appropriate choice.

Are there other security locks for van I could use to enhance the security of my van?

There are many different locks that you can put in place so that , even if burglar is able to gain entry into your vehicle and gain entry, they’ll be unable to steal any item or driving away. This includes:

Catalytic converter locks
Locks on the steering wheel
Gear lever locks
Secure lockboxes

What’s a catalytic conversion lock?

The items inside your car aren’t just a targets for thieves. They can also get your catalytic converter which converts pollution emitted by your vehicle’s emissions into safer gasses.

Catalytic converters are made of precious metals that make them valuable products for sale on the market for black goods. Because they’re typically located in the underside of the vehicle to an exhaust pipe, they’re an easy victim for thieves.

A converter lock for catalytic conversion makes it harder for thieves to take the converter since it covers the catalytic converter and secures it.

What are the difference between lock locks on gear levers?

These types of locks work by locking the gearbox and steering wheel to the vehicle, preventing them from being able to be opened easily. This will stop thieves from driving away with your van. Locks for steering wheels and gear lever locks will require keys for unlock.

What is a safe lockbox?

A safe lockbox can provide an additional layer of security and is a great way to store valuables as well as tools that you store within your van. The lockbox is typically secured to the vehicle’s floor so that it isn’t able to be removed of the vehicle with ease.

Secure lockboxes are available in a variety of sizes. They are typically in between the PS200-PS400 range. Together with tools that are in transport covers, they are an effective security measure.

Are there any advantages to installing additional van security locks cut my insurance costs?

A van security lock that is approved by Thatcham can lower your insurance costs since they prevent burglaries and thefts. It is important to note that the insurance you get for your van is based on many diverse factors, which include:

Your location
Your driving experience
Any no claims bonus you’ve earned
The kind of vehicle you’re driving
What do you do with your van