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Do I Buy A Fresco Or Hopsack Suit?

If you’re looking to dress well in summer, many men give up due to the fact that it’s too hot to put on an overcoat with their other clothes. The trick is to choose clothes with the appropriate fabric weave. Today we’ll examine two of the top contenders. Today, we will look to hopsack as well as Fresco to decide which one is the most appropriate to wear for summer.


What is Fresco? Fresco is a trademarked term for a material that utilizes the highest twist yarn with the open weave. What this means in practical terms is that you get an fluid and breathable material which is more sturdy and resistant to wrinkles. The stiffness of the fabric makes it rougher on the skin however it also helps to provide airiness. It’s an excellent fabric for traveling as it is durable and is wrinkle-free after an hour of hanging out in the closet.


Hopsack as well as Fresco is an open-weave material which is highly recommended for this time of year. It is light and soft and is ideal for keeping you cool all through summer. It’s also fairly wrinkle-resistant but not as much as Fresco is. Hopsack will wear out quicker than Fresco and isn’t the best choice for pants due to its loose weave.

What is the best time to choose one over the other?

There are some aspects to think about when deciding what type of cloth is right for you. For instance, do you need a suit, or simply an outer jacket? Are you looking for a soft fabric, or is it slightly coarse but or fine? Do you need the best wrinkle resistance for work and travel? We will discuss three scenarios that could provide the answer for the majority of people.

If you’re looking to dress in a suit pick Fresco.

Fresco is a durable fabric, but not as hardy as hopsack. Although both have a lot of common characteristics, there is one area where they differ. Hopsack Fabric is loosely weaved that it’s unsuitable for pants. However the very robust, but loose, weave of Fresco is what makes it the ideal pants for travel as your wrinkles will probably disappear before you realize they exist. In fairness, hopsack is also a fantastic summer alternative in terms of wrinkle resistance, but not at the same level.

If you’re looking for a soft jacket, opt for a hopsack.

If you are a fan of the look of textured fabric and are looking for a jacket hopsack, this will be the best option. Its drape as well as breathability of this fabric are great! Most of the time, Fresco is the better choice in terms of different patterns or colors. Hopsack is available with patterns , but it is generally solid in color, whereas Fresco typically is available in both. The most notable differences is the softness as well as the texture of the fabric.

If you’re looking for maximum breathing, Fresco wins… Slightly.

Fresco has the highest breathability than the other two fabrics and if you are looking for the most breathability, it’s the top option. If you are not in a tropical climate it might cause splitting of hairs but don’t let that be your sole factor, but it’s an important knowledge to possess. Our advice is to go with the fabric you are most comfortable with. Any of these fabrics is likely to offer excellent airflow, and choosing one you don’t love to get a slight cooler or more cooling effect isn’t going to be worthwhile.

Note that each of these fabrics could have low transparency, meaning that they can be seen through. The weight of the fabric can affect this too in the event that you are concerned about this you should take a look at a more heavy-weight fabric. It is possible to line jackets with both of these fabrics to improve the transparency, however because of the properties of the jacket’s lining, a lot of the benefits of these fabrics will be lost the process.

There are a few possibilities.

Wearing seasonal, well-fitted clothing is the most effective method to create an outfit according to us. We are in love with both clothes for summer and we are certain you’ll be satisfied with either of them in the event that you are prone to overheating in your outfit. Have a look at some of the choices of Hopsack and Fresco suit if you are looking to update your outfit.