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Choosing a Live Band for Your Singapore Wedding

Are you thinking about music for your wedding ceremony? Music is a great way to get the party started and keep it going! Live musicians can excite crowds like no speaker or ipod ever could. You should make every effort to get this item in your budget.
These are great tips to help you find and book wedding entertainment.

1. Consider the type of music or band that you want to hear on your special day. Do you prefer a relaxed and intimate atmosphere? Are you looking for classical, jazz, rock, or instrumental music? There are many wedding and function performers available, so it should not be difficult to find what you need.

2. You can have music during the ceremony, at the reception, meal or even for an evening party. All of these may not be necessary, but the cost will reflect that fact. Check to see if the wedding live band is able to cater for all situations. Also, consider whether different entertainment is needed at different times of day.

3. Compare the available options and request multiple quotes. Bands that are good will be busy, especially during summer weekends, so it is possible your first choice may not be available. Planning ahead is a good idea. You can find positive reviews from clients in the past. While quality music can be expensive, it can make your day more memorable. Don’t expect to find Ed Sheeran on PS150.

4. Before you make your booking, try to get to see your favorite band live. This will allow you to hear them in person and not just on YouTube or studio recordings. If the band is within a reasonable distance of you, this will be easier. Check to see what their travel costs include for your wedding, as well as any extra charges for late finishes and waiting times.

5. To ensure that the band offers a diverse repertoire to please everyone, including grandparents and children, request a complete set list. You must like the band the most so pick the music and band you like. Ask about whether your first dance/song can be arranged for you and if this is included in the cost.

6. Make sure that you check the certificates of the band, including PLI (Public Liability Insurance), and PAT (Portable appliance Testing). These certificates may be required by some venues. You will need to send a contract detailing your requested services.

7. You can usually get the venue (or their wedding planner) to contact you and they will be able to work with you to arrange all technical details such as parking, loading doors and space. These are questions a band might ask.

8. From the moment you book your gig to the day, keep in touch with them. Things can change, just like the UK weather if you are planning an outdoor performance! Everyone needs to be flexible. It is possible that you want the band to be flexible enough to accommodate speeches (and use their PA/microphone), cake-cutting, or other events. Let them know.

9. Most quotes for live performances will include 2 sets of 45/50 minutes over a period of two hours, or 3 sets that are slightly shorter over a period of three hours. You might need to book a DJ separately to fill in the gaps or finish the evening. You can also hire a DJ or play your music through the PA system. You should check additional charges and whether the band has lighting that can be used for dancing.

10. Finally, you should give feedback to the band after the wedding. It is important for their growth and improvement. If it is positive, it can be a great promotion tool for them. You may have relied on others’ suggestions to make your decision. Help those happy couples to follow you!