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A guide to picking the right wedding cake maker for you

The process of choosing a wedding cake maker can be quite difficult. The fact is, creating the perfect cake to fit the couple’s budget, style and preferences is more difficult than you imagine! This helpful guide can help you choose the perfect wedding cake maker for your needs…

Make sure that they are in line with your style

Nowadays there are wedding cakes that can be customized to suit the style of each couple. They can range from traditional tiers of royal icing, to intricate sugar flower creations and even naked cakes with rustic designs to contemporary drip designs with modern flavors. When you’re looking at bakery for your wedding ensure that you go through lots of photos in the website, not only two or three, to ensure that they are experienced in making cakes that you want to match the style of your wedding. This is especially important in the case of intricate sugar designs or custom-designed cakes!

Keep a distance in mind

It is generally recommended to look for a local bakery for your wedding cake. The reason for this is that the cost of transportation (and possible issues) are likely to increase the further you travel. Wedding fairs are an excellent opportunity to meet prospective cake bakers. It is a great way to see the work of other bakers and taste their cakes and converse with the baker in with a relaxed atmosphere.

Review the availability and read reviews.

If you’re getting your choice of baker, it’s worth taking a look at two things such as their availability as well as their online reviews. There are many bakers who have testimonials posted on their website however, it’s best to check out an independent source of reviews to make sure you’re getting all the facts.

After you’re pleased with the baker’s feedback and recommendations, you’ll have to look up their calendar or contact them to inquire if they’re available for your specific date. We recommend selecting your baker about six months ahead. If you’re planning to marry during peak season or the weekend, you might be able to start your search earlier than that. The most popular suppliers fill fast!

Dietary requirements

It is important to ensure that the cake maker you choose is able to meet any dietary needs. It could be vegan, gluten-free or nut-free or diabetic diets. We recommend having a separatecake clearly marked designed for guests who have specific dietary restrictions, instead of making a separate layer or tier within the regular cake to prevent cross-contamination.

Consultations and tastings

When you are looking for wedding cake makers, you may wish to meet them to discuss your ideas or for a tasting. While this may be exciting make sure you have all the main details covered (the wedding date, venue along with the flowers and budget) prior to meeting the baker. These elements can affect your choice of style. Consider capturing pictures of cakes you like, as well as specifics of your bouquet and the color scheme. This will allow your cake supplier to understand what you’re looking to find.

There is also the opportunity to sample some cakes with the flavors you prefer. Some bakers charge for this, but typically they will take the cost off the final price of your cake. If you’re allowed to sample the cakes at the time, or you’re offered miniature cakes to take along with you. We advise that you avoid going into it overly hungry to be impartial!