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How CBD Balm Can Improve Your Skin’s Health and Appearance

Hemp is an herb that is truly healing. Mother Nature has infused this amazing and amazing plant with natural healers like CBD, Terpenes and Trichomes to give us much-needed relief from all sorts of body pain, without getting us feel high.

What exactly is an CBD Balm?

CBD, also referred to scientifically as Cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive component of the female counterpart of Cannabis Sativa (Hemp). CBD Balms infuse CBD in an concentrated balm along with other ingredients to apply the healing, pain-reducing effects of CBD directly on the affected muscle.

Let’s talk benefits

CBD Balms infuse the wonders of nature’s ageless beauty with scientifically the latest research to slowly but significantly reduce inflammation in your body.

CBD is rich in anti-inflammatory properties. It can aid your body in relieving chronic pain and inflammation in your joints, muscles, and tendons.

Dry Skin: Loaded with vitamins, nutrients, as well as minerals. CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties can help heal and revive rough, cut and cracked skin patches.

Eczema is also known in the field of Atopic Dermatitis, Eczema makes skin itchy and red. CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties come with “little to no side consequences” to help support your skin’s health and wellbeing.

Rashes The following is from Dermatologists’ “Topical CBD reduces oil production, and also provides moisture and relief from pain. It’s safe and effective for all types of skin.”

Acne: The most effective way of reduce acne is to modify how your body handles sebum. Applying small amounts of CBD Balm onto your face could help to block the cells that trigger acne and also regulate the production of sebum on the skin with acne-prone pores.

Wrinkles: We’ve learned that CBD aids in regulating oil production. For those who suffer from wrinkles, it could be possible to discover CBD to be a successful treatment since an increase in oil production can lessen the look of wrinkles.

Psoriasis sufferers with psoriasis will experience a itchy rash that appears on the joints or on the skin. CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties CBD can inhibit the development of keratinocytes and thus helping to ease the pain caused by psoriasis.

Pruritus: This skin problem is characterized by severe itching of the skin. An investigation of 21 patients who took CBD Balm twice a each day for 3 weeks that they could “eliminate extreme pruritus.”

Seborrheic Dermatitis is an ear-splitting, but this skin condition causes chronic inflammation that causes the appearance of scaly, red hair on your scalp as well in the area around the hairline. CBD’s distinctive benefit to reduce inflammation could slow down sebum production and provide quick and efficient equilibrium to the cells.

Rosacea: Redness and tiny, pus-filled pimples around the eyes are distinctive signs of Rosacea. CBD’s benefits to reduce sebum production, as well as anti-inflammatory benefits has been proven in clinical studies to decrease redness and irritation.

How do I use CBD Balm?

CBD Balms are a bit distinct from the traditional CBD Tinctures made of oil. To begin, CBD Balms are applied to the skin on specific areas of pain. This way, CBD can be absorbed by the dermal barrier that separates the bloodstream from the skin.

Use these tips to apply CBD Balm like a pro:

Remove the affected muscle or joint that is in relief from pain.

Apply a thick coating to the targeted area (1 fingerful is sufficient)

Massage using an circular motion

Dry the area or cover the area with an area to ensure that the balm remains on the skin

Apply every 4 to 6 minutes in basis of an “as-needed basis”

It’s that easy and simple to use, which is just one of the many reasons we are so in love with CBD!

How does CBD Balm Work in the Body?

CBD Balm is a topical-only product, which means it’s specifically designed to be applied to a specific muscle to provide instant immediately relief of pain. CBD Oil is a different product, as you apply CBD Drops on your tongue, so that the CBD Molecule will be taken into bloodstream via capillaries located beneath the tongue.

The major difference between these two delivery systems is their absorption. CBD Oil has a much more efficient absorption rate than CBD Topical because it directly absorbs into the bloodstream to ensure maximum efficacy. The rate of absorption with CBD Balms are generally lower since skin block the majority of CBD from circulating into the bloodstream.

For the most effective benefit from CBD Balms be sure that your CBD Balm is containing between 170mg and 800mg of CBD since higher concentrations will be more effective at breaking the barrier between your skin and dermis to enter the bloodstream through the pores of your skin.

What are the side effects?

CBD is not psychoactive therefore, don’t worry about it getting you high. Just enjoy the natural calming effects from CBD Balm!

The only adverse effect our research has revealed is sensitivity to some essential oils found within CBD balms. In addition there is no evidence of negative side-effect of making use of CBD Balm to help with pain relief.