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Best Advantages of Laser Therapy

It is a flexible and non-medicated therapy that has improved the well-being and health of patients across the world. The treatment also helps enhance the quality of care that doctors provide for their clients. Based on your objectives as a patient or practitioner, however laser therapy may have some disadvantages. However, there are methods to mitigate any disadvantages laser therapy could bring. Knowing the pros and cons of laser therapy will assist you in determining whether the procedure is suitable for you.

Also called photobiomodulation, laser therapy utilizes different wavelengths of light in order to stimulate your body’s healing process. Specific wavelengths have diverse health advantages. Laser therapy that uses 810nm wavelengths can help muscles and tendons to regenerate for instance, while treatments that use 980nm wavelengths relieve pain, increase circulation, and encourage relaxation of muscles. Laser therapy with 1064nm wavelengths penetrates tissues deep within the body, reducing inflammation, ease pain and increase blood flow.

Benefits of Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is a flexible and non-drug-based treatment, but dependent on the goals you have as a as a professional, it could come with some disadvantages. This article will explore the benefits and drawbacks of laser therapy as well as offer solutions/silver linings for the negatives.

A non-drug-free method of treatment

One of the most appealing benefits for laser treatment is the fact that it’s non-drug. Patients do not need to worry about obtaining an appointment, paying for expensive medications, or taking the potential for drug interactions. Laser therapy does not carry the possibility of overdoses or addictions, like opioids and other painkillers.

The pain-free treatment

Many patients are reluctant to seek treatment for their health problems due to fears about the discomfort that therapy can cause. Laser therapy is non-stressful and comfortable. Many patients feel relaxed by laser therapy.


Laser therapy is effective in treating the majority of common physical ailments like:

Muscle tension and spasms
Ligament sprains
Neck neck pain
Lower back discomfort
Knee discomfort

The flexibility of this device means that doctors can treat multiple ailments with only one device. This means clinics are able to treat more patients and save space and money.

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The best laser therapy equipment has adjustable power outputs and many wavelengths, which allows practitioners to personalize treatments to meet the individual patient’s specific needs.

Can be combined with other treatments.

Since laser therapy is a non-drug therapy and non-invasive, it can be used with other treatments like physical therapy, injections, surgery, or prescription drugs. Many doctors find that the combination of laser therapy and other therapies is more effective than focusing on a single type of treatment.

Long-lasting effects

Since laser therapy targets the root cause instead of covering symptoms, photobiomodulation therapies will provide lasting outcomes.

Research ongoing

Since its introduction in the early 1960s, scientists have conducted a myriad of studies to examine the effects of laser therapy as well as find new applications. Laser therapy is becoming increasingly popular with patients and practitioners and researchers continue to research new ways to use this cutting-edge technology.

Advantages of Laser Therapy

Insurance coverage

Some insurance policies do not cover laser treatment. This could be a challenge for clinics who are used to billing insurance companies for any procedure.

To combat this, clinics are able to offer laser treatments as a payment option. While it isn’t easy for some practices to make this switch, providing cash services is beneficial to both clinics as well as their patients. A majority of clinics appreciate the quick settlement of cash services instead of having to fill out insurance forms and waiting weeks or even months for reimbursement. Cash services also attract patients with no insurance who would get the care they require.

Security protocol

Although laser therapy is completely safe, the practitioners should still complete the required instruction to operate the laser therapy equipment. The training helps them comprehend the effects of different wavelengths on the body of patients and how to operate the devices to treat patients safely.