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Rainbow Riches History

All of us have at least once thought about the pot of golden at the end. It appears in movies, fairytales, and books. Something about a leprechaun dressed in green with an Irish accent enchants. The slot game Rainbow Riches has become a very popular UK slot.
Rainbow Riches offers a fun, luck-based casino game. Barcrest Game Studios meticulously crafted the game’s four leaf-clovers, leprechauns and golden and silver coins to keep you coming back to it time and again.

Below, we’ll examine the history of Rainbow Riches and how it has evolved into the popular game it is today.

Rainbow Riches history

The first rainbow riches slots game was made in 2008 and it was a traditional, brick-and-mortar machine. The two screens featured the Road to Riches special feature and one each for 5×3 reels. This feature was a wheel of fortune-style of playing that offered more chances for players to win.

Rainbow Riches is the most well-known slot game and can still be found in pubs all over the UK. The game had many benefits, including its fast pace and huge rewards system that offered a higher percentage of return rates than other slot machine of its time.

PS500 was the jackpot for the first version. This was an uncommon amount of players winning this. It was simple to play and the theme was exciting enough that players could uncover the pot of Gold.

Rainbow Riches

Rainbow Riches could not have grown to what it has without a strong brand. This game gained its first strong reputation from the vast number of UK-based slot machines.

Rainbow Riches, which stands out from the rest of the standard fruit machines’, could be considered to be one of the earliest themes-based slot games. Although it has a simple theme, the classic game draws inspiration from Irish magic stories and fairytales. Players can escape the everyday world to find the treasures at the end of rainbow.

Rainbow Riches was successful because of its strong theme. This helped it dominate the market and be the casino game that many people recognize.

Rainbow Riches today

Rainbow Riches, which was originally a pub game, has now been made available online. This is to keep up digital developments. Rainbow Riches is now easily accessible from anywhere in the world.

Online slot players can now access their favourite games from anywhere. Rainbow Riches enjoyed an increase in revenues due to increased exposure.

The Rainbow Riches spinoff

In 2018, Rainbow Riches Slingo released a new version. It was successful enough to replace the original slot game. To appeal to a larger audience, Rainbow Riches combined the traditional slot game and bingo due to its popularity in the UK.

Rainbow Riches Slingo – This is a slot game unlike any other. Players choose the wager they want to place before they can start playing. Rainbow Riches Slingo requires that a player has as many slingos available as possible in order to win. A slingo refers to a combination or five symbols from one side the grid to another.

Rainbow Riches Megaways came out in 2019 and was a brand new version. Megaways gave players even more entertainment by adding a staggering 117.649 ways you can win. A new feature that Megaways offers is Buy A Bonus. It allows players to buy bonus games to win higher-priced bets.

There are approximately 9 versions of Rainbow Riches. These include:

2008 – The First Version
2009 – Rainbow Riches with Extra Features
2012 – Rainbow Riches Pick ‘n Mix
2017 – Rainbow Riches, Free Spins
2018 – Gold Prices Drops
2018 – Rainbow Riches Slingo
2018 – Home Sweet Home
2019 – Rainbow Riches Megaways
2019 – Leprechauns Gold

Rainbow Riches slot game has been around a while. Rainbow Riches started as a simple machine that could be used in pubs in Britain. Today it is one the most widely-used and well-known slot games in the entire world.