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Which Lightsabers Were Used In Star Wars?

The Star Wars universe, all lightsabers are sought-after weapons due to a variety of reasons. At the moment that Luke Skywalker first held Anakin’s lightsaber, the Jedi told that it was “an elegant weapon for an era of civilized living.” Since the time, the lightsaber has been an emblem for Star Wars – the brilliant greens and blues have been an expression of hope, while the blood-red hues of Sith lightsabers has sparked fear throughout the galaxy.

Beautiful they might be, but the lightsaber is far from simple. The mechanical construction of a lightsaber is relatively simple, but the power of it comes from the unique Kyber crystal that is contained in. A Jedi connects with the crystal, which has been identified as “a lens that concentrates the light of that of the Jedi.” According to the recently published Secrets of the Jedi, using a lightsaber is not like holding a sword as it’s the directing of a stream of force. This bond between the Jedi and the lightsaber is why specific blades have become venerated, with the respective lightsabers of Anakin and Luke Skywalker regarded as particularly precious.

Star Wars Legends introduced several lightsaber designs, however the majority of them were declared non-canon following the Disney acquisition in 2012. But since then, Lucasfilm has introduced a vast range of new lightsabers. This is everything that fans need to know about all lightsabers within Star Wars canon.

The Standard Lightsaber

The most recognizable type of lightsaber will be the one that’s standard. It’s the one utilized by celebrities like Luke and Anakin Skywalker. George Lucas chose to give Jedi lightsabers mainly because the swords had historically been thought of as sacred objects, imbued with mystical significance or as proof of birthright. This makes the transfer of Anakin’s lightsaber to son Luke particularly important, and also explains why Kylo Ren became enraged to find his father’s sword in the hands of Rey. Since the kyber crystal is able to do the heavy lifting of focusing the plasma, anyone can use any of the lightsabers – but only Force users can use them to their maximum potential.

Lightsabers can be made from anything; Aayla Secura employed a blade made from durasteel that was designed to be durable and Rey’s brand new lightsaber that was seen at the conclusion in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker was made with the help of her old staff in order to demonstrate her character’s development. Some lightsabers have bent hilts, which helps improve the design for to be used for dueling; others have different nozzles to create an entirely different shape and obviously, lightsabers are available in a variety of sizes. Each lightsaber is in one way or another a reflection of their respective user. The past was when Jedi frequently adorned their lightsabers with embellishments and beautiful designs. Many were continually adapted in part because of trends in galactic fashion This practice can be traced back all the way to Star Wars’ High Republic Era.

Dual-Phase Lightsaber

Darth Vader was proficient with all lightsabers, however the character also wielded the unusual and highly flexible dual-phase model. The dual-phase lightsaber is thought to be a relic from an earlier, more violent time the dual-phase lightsaber has two kyber crystals. With the flip of an switch, Vader can rotate the kyber crystals into a new alignment to change the length of his blade. This can be helpful in taking your opponent off guard, although the different lengths require different fighting techniques so only a skilled in combat should be able to use a dual-phase lightsaber. While all lightsabers are risky, the dual-phase lightsaber is the most dangerous for users that have no connection or even a weak interaction to the Force.

Training Lightsaber

The Star Wars prequel trilogy included a scene in which the group of Younglings were shown how to train using lightsabers. It’s important to remember that these weren’t ordinary lightsabers, but rather ones designed for training. These blades are shorter than normal lightsabers. They were designed to fit into small hands, and their energy is set to a low amount to avoid injury. According to the Lucasfilm publication Star Wars: The Lightsaber Collection, a solid hit can still trigger a shock that temporarily dulls muscles.

The Protosaber

It was the Vader Immortal VR game had an interesting weapon known as the protosaber. It was much more elaborate than standard lightsabers. It had corkscrew prongs that twisted on the underside of the blue energy blade, as well as an elongated fan that connected the crossguard with the hilt. The kyber crystal was actually exposed, and was mounted on some kind of ignition ring which could be evidence of the extreme the age of this Force artifact.

Shoto Blades

There is a reason that Jedi Ahsoka Tano’s twin lightsabers feature what’s called a shoto blade. This kind of lightsaber is normally used by a more aggressive Jedi warrior, and Star Wars: The Clone Wars showrunner Dave Filoni intended this to signal Anakin’s influence upon Ahsoka. The way she held the Shoto blade in her hand, and it made her the most formidable fighter. Sourcebooks have identified a different type of Shoto known as”Guard Shoto. “Guard Shoto.” This features an additional hilt placed at 90 degrees, helping the Jedi move smoothly from attack to defense.

Double-Bladed Lightsabers

In the moment that Darth Maul made his first appearance in Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace, he employed a weapon unlike any has ever been seen before by fans. This double-bladed lightsaber has an extra long hilt and apparently incorporates multiple crystals of kyber. In Star Wars: The Lightsaber Collection, Maul discovered how to make this by looking through old Sith documents.


This peculiar double-bladed lightsaber is also called a switchblade. The two blades can fold up in a way that they lie side-byside or flipped down to the classic double-bladed configuration. This feature was made available in Star Wars: The Clone Wars which featured a switchblade that was used by the treacherous Jedi Master Pong Krell. A live-action version of the switchblade was discovered during Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker which was used by the dark image of Rey. It is interesting to note that the scene suggested the possibility of using this effectively in a duel, as Dark Rey used the switchblade to lock her own lightsaber between two blades. She could have disarmed her opponent by a quick flick of her wrist.

Lightsaber Pikes

Not to be mistaken for double-bladed lightsabers the lightsaber pike is seen on the screen in Star Wars animations such as Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels. It was utilized by the temple guards of Coruscant and the light-saber blades in yellow symbolize the eternal light of Jedi Order, and the vigilance of its protectors. There were single-bladed versions the lightsaber pike. Luke Skywalker discovering one in the comics and another at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

Crossguard Lightsabers

The crossguard lightsaber is an interesting design that has three blades. Kylo Ren was seen using an unstable crossguard lightsaber. He quite enjoyed the sinister crackling emitted by the blade. Another variant of the crossguard lightsaber has been seen during the High Republic Era, wielded by Stellan Gios. This appears to be an improvement over the earlier designs for crossguards that Kylo Ren designed, and features physical quillons to control and guide the energy streams towards the sides. These point forwards even when the saber’s not being used while the weapon rests inside a holster that is specifically designed for it.

The Inquisitors’ Lightsabers

The Jedi-hunting Inquisitors Darth Vader’s agents came into the picture in Star Wars Rebels. They carried distinctive and unique lightsabers that they could actually spin as an improbable helicopter, like in the movie Obi-Wan. The spinning gives you a tactical advantage in any duel, and the sight of spinning lightsaber blades can be extremely intimidating – useful for a variety of work with the Inquisitor. The saber of the Eighth Brother has additional buzz-saw teeth which give him a further edge when it comes to combat and intimidation.

Lightsaber whip

in Star Wars: The High Republic The lightsaber whip from the former Expanded Universe made a comeback. It is strongly associated with the Nightsisters of Dathomir The lightsaber whip is an unusual weapon that the Jedi are not comfortable with. Jedi Knight Vernestra “Vern” Rwoh nonetheless made one with the help from the Force. In the hands of an experienced master the lightsaber whip could be the most flexible of the different blade types.

The Darksaber

The rare Darksaber in The Mandalorian is a unique lightsaber designed around a thousand years ago by Tarre Vizsla, the one of the first Mandalorian to join to the Jedi Knights. Although the weapon is clearly closely related to the traditional lightsabers, its energy blade is an unusual, sparkling black, one which is flat instead of cylindrical, giving the Darksaber a distinct appearance. The person who holds the Darksaber is considered to be able to proclaim themselves the ruler of the Mandalorians. It is interesting to note that the Darksaber’s power and effectiveness in combat is determined by the state of mind and emotions of the person who uses it. Apart from just Force skill, the Darksaber can be used effectively through sheer willpower. This is the reason Moff Gideon was able to move it with ease.

Ezra’s Unique Lightsaber

in Star Wars Rebels, Ezra Bridger built one of the most amazing lightsaber designs to date. Jedi had always built lightsabers based on whatever was on hand, but in the case of Ezra, he built his lightsaber using his blaster. The blaster was powered by a blue Kyber crystal, this enabled Ezra to alternate between blaster-based shots and the more traditional melee weapon, which is the lightsaber. In reality, it was more a testament to Ezra’s doubts in his capabilities, and when it was destroyed by Darth Vader He redesigned the lightsaber with a normal one.

The Lightspear

The ancient Sith had a different kind of lightsaber, referred to as the lightspear. The lightspear was never mentioned as a part of the Expanded Universe and has only one time been mentioned in canon – In Charles Soule’s Light of the Jedi. The Sith lightspear of the High Republic has never been detailed thus far nothing is revealed about this model. We hope that it won’t take for long when the lightspear resurfaces alongside deeper explanation.

The most powerful type of Lightsaber

All lightsabers, even the ones used to train Jedi younglings, can be very powerful for the right user – but Darth Vader’s dual-phase light sword is the perfect blend of a weapon and a user. Vader’s preference of using a lightsaber to kill, as well in Legends or canon implies that his dual-phase lightsaber is the highest kill rate of any other known lightsaber from Star Wars. In addition to the tactical benefit of being able to adjust the blade’s length at will as well as the combination of two kyber crystals as well as Vader’s ability to work with the dark aspect of the Force allows his dual-phase lightsaber an advantage in nearly every duel. In fact, Luke did not defeat Vader In Empire Strikes Back because of extensive training, part of which were Luke’s 9 lightsaber duel before fighting Darth Vader. Again, even a standard lightsaber, when handled with the right hands, can become the strongest light saber used in Star Wars at any given moment.