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Struggling for Inspiration On What To Write In A Birthday Card?

Sometimes it’s difficult to figure out what to write on the birthday card.

More than an ordinary Happy Birthday, obviously!

Perhaps you find the snarky messages already printed on cards you purchase from shops to be a bit of a shit?

This is why you can count on us at Obscenity Cards to help!

We do not just have an amazing selection of birthday cards, but we can also assist lazy people by giving a funny or insulting message to put inside.

For those who are interested this list of birthday wishes you won’t discover anywhere else ….

For rude birthday cards come and visit us.

Birthday Card Messages

Happy Birthday beautiful. Jks.

It is best to celebrate your birthday exactly the way you entered the world: in tears and naked.

Happy birthday ya big cock sucker!

You’re too old to be you’re old Dead Sea was just getting sick before the time you got there.

Do you think there will be cakes? !

Happy birthday wishes to the girl who has been a teenager since they were three years old!

I don’t have any present for you since my presence is yours. You’re welcome!

Don’t care about the day you celebrate your birthday. I’ve was told there would be a beer.

You’ve just gone from the slag of old to the slag of today. Happy Birthday!

I hope your birthday is filled with the booze of your dreams!

Happy birthday to the office slut.

I hope you be able to live long enough to kick your pants.

I’m not going to insert an age-related joke on this card since I regret the age you’re.

We should all be celebrating the day that you touched your mom’s vagina!

I was planning to bake an rum-based cake to celebrate your birthday, but all I have is cake. And I’m drunk.

A very happy birthday to a sweet sister on her birthday. Sisters are a true friend until you begin to steal my clothes and then I’ll consider you in my eyes dead. Many Love!

Does the cake will be big enough to accommodate every candle?

Happy birthday! One year closer to your final day..

There were several famous people who were born during your day. You’re not one of them.

Let’s get fucking smashed! !

Don’t stop growing old in shamefully Happy Birthday!

Thank you that you made me feel more youthful.

Most likely because you’re fiddling with old.

A year later and not wiser..

What’s the cause of this mid-life crisis?

Happy Birthday To Mum the second favorite child.

Aging is a long-term process and it is evident!


Forget the pastas it’s been. Don’t think about the future since it is impossible to predict. Don’t forget about the present, too because I did. Enjoy this card!

My birthday wishes to my beautiful adorable and charming daughter or son. You truly remind me of my own.

Now you’re the oldest you’ve been however, you’re also the smallest you’ll ever be.. That’s a fact!

It’s time to get old!

You’re too old for the film Jurassic Park brings back memories.

You’re too old, but when you attended an auction, people started bidding on you.

You’re old enough that having to do it three times a night is the number of times you have to get up to use the bathroom.

You’re an old Fred Flintstone was your neighbour.

I hope that you’ve already started saving up for your facelift.

Hey sugar tits! Have wonderful day!

A Happy Birthday to Old Fart. Age is simply an amount. For you, it is quite a significant number.

As you age as you age, your hangovers will get worse!

I’ve already provided you with herpes, and I thought you wouldn’t need anything more from me.

Happy Birthday, wanna shag?

Don’t fret if birthdays cause you down, because at your age , you’ll not have any birthdays to be concerned about.

You’re 18! Now you’re officially an adult in the sense of paper, anyway.

21 and haven’t yet gotten married?

Happy birthday , Mum and Dad! This year, we’ve all contributed for a spot in an elderly care facility. It’s never too to early!

Let’s have a party as if it’s 1999 or 1899, in your case like it was the year you attended.

You’ll be grateful that I sent you a card , and not just posted it on the wall of your Facebook.

A queen’s card the year to come? ?

Four out of five people get a good amount of money in their credit cards. Happy birthday to number 5!

Best wishes on your birthday, as a friend, I swear never to divulge your actual age.

I hope you have a wonderful birthday celebration. Sorry I’m not at your surprise birthday celebration!

Happy Grey Pubes’ birthday!

It is possible to take one funny line, or combine it with several lines and put them into a paragraph, if you want! You can really give the birthday boy or girl an enjoyable laugh.

Create your own hilarious card and they’ll never forget the laughter they shared at your offensive slurs. You can also say, oopsie.

It could be your mom or dad, brother or sister your best friend, or coworker, or even a note from your dog!

They’ll know you put thought and effort into their card . You’ll bring smiles to their faces because that you’ve left a heart-warming note on the birthday card.

We hope you liked the list of hilarious and offensive things to write on your birthday card and enjoyed it as much as we did!

Feel free to contribute!