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Should I Consider Buying A Swing?

A few forays into new sexual territories, such as trying the bendy position for the first time will require only some courage, some communication, and perhaps some excellent lube. Other times, such as stepping into a sexual swing for the first time be a little more daunting.

Some people might not be aware of what a sex swing is, so we sought out Victor Tobar, national buying and merchandising manager of The Pleasure Chest, and fan of the sex swing to provide a brief explanation. “My first time using the sling was during an sex-themed party in the dark dungeon in NYC. I was with a girl who was also wearing the sling. I believe we were anxious about trying something different, particularly making a public appearance, and equally excited to experience this brand new type of bondage” Tobar says.

However, it really isn’t that difficult (nor do they only come accessible at sex events–more about this in the future): “Think of a swing on a playground however, it’s for people of all ages,” says Tobar. “They differ in their shape, and the person on the sling can be totally or in part reclined. Some slings come with some or all of them that connect to bolts in the ceiling, while others have free-standing frames which means you don’t need to take out the electric tools to get them,” the expert says. One thing that all swings share is that they allow the person who is who is standing on solid ground greater access to their partner’s body.

As getting to the point of being comfortable (yes pun intended) will require some pre-planning, you’ll need to discuss the idea first. “Introducing your idea your partner could be as simple as chatting about trying out new positions or about trying something new and enjoyable that can level the intimacy you experience,” says Santos, one of the Pleasure Chest employee who’s experimented with sex swings in the past.

For the complete scoop on the actual experience of having to swing a sex We asked experts for all you need to know before you try it.

Buy Cheap

So now that you’re in agreement What do you do to go to a test drive? If you’re thinking of trying out with a sex swivel at your home, first you’ll want to go with a budget-friendly option, says Reid Mihalko, a sex and relationship expert, as well as host at the annual Sex Expo. Determine if you’re into it prior to purchasing an expensive swing (just be aware that cheaper models aren’t as comfortable and you might find yourself longing to have a bit more cushion). Sex swings vary in price from less than $100 up to $500.

Get Assistance

To find out how to get started look into the local feminist-friendly sex-toy store where you can talk to someone who is better equipped to help you rather than Google Mihalko. Mihalko. (He has named The Pleasure Chest, Babeland, Good Vibrations as well as Smitten Kitten as top picks in New York City.) Depending on the type of swing you get, you may have to do a little home renovation/installation, so for first timers or apartment dwellers, look for free-standing swings or slings you can put over the back of a door.

Trying one out for the first time can require a bit of troubleshooting–just like a swing on the playground or a hammock, it moves as you’re trying to climb in (duh) and get settled. “It was a time to figure out,” says Tobar. “A small amount of laughter can help reduce the stress of trying something unfamiliar.”

Be Open To Experimentation

“People make use of sex swings to perform a variety of different things,” says Tobar. One reason is that they add a bit of spice to your life. Using a swing is a great way to test out different moves can’t be done on a couch or bed. In addition, he says that there is a certain amount of power play and bonding that takes place since the person on the swing is less restricted than they would normally be. “Most importantly, I believe that sex swings create the feeling of adventure and enjoyment. Being suspended and bound and in the hands of your partner can be extremely thrilling. In addition, he notes that the swinging process requires lots in trust and confidence, it may be a very intimate and intimate event.

“My date in the sling has opened an array of possibilities since I was in chargeand was able to design a variety of different sensory experiences for her. It was incredible to me.” Tobar says. “Something I loved about it was the ability to create a lasting sensation that wasn’t only focused on the penetration of the skin, such as massage and mouth.” In the course of the process of penetration, that momentum can be translated into more intensity, and having straps to hang on to can provide the strength you require to keep a posture for longer, he adds. The most stable sex postures for swinging are ones in which the two of you face one another. The swinging partner is lying on their backs with their legs spread apart, and the partner standing is in between them.

Have Fun!

But most importantly “go in with a fun approach,” Mihalko says. “Make this more about playing excitement and adventure, and the hot and sexy women will come later. Once you’ve mastered the art of it you will notice that it gets more sexier and hotter with time.”

Consider it as releasing your childish side in a mature manner. “I believe that slings can be very beneficial in creating a sense of surrender. When you’re in the sling, it allows you to emotionally and physically lean into it and open your mind to a variety of experiences” Tobar says. Tobar. “For me the moment I am in a swing, it feels like a release. This is when I can let go of my control and let myself feel my body and feel the various feelings my partner takes my through.”

Happy dancing!