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Personalised Office Partitions

Being able to personalize an office screen is part of the charm of the Printed Office Partition. Out with the acoustics and in with the printed media creating a truly unique divider, full of personality.

Most of the time office screening is used to reduce noise, but also there is the element of needing to divide open space. If division, is the only concern, you’ll have access to a wider screen selection.

Personalisation is an attractive factor, as the size and style can be selected, along with custom print. With full flexibility on the design, where do you begin?

Any image or wording can be printed, so you have full rein of the final artwork. The only thing to consider is the size and making sure the images are crisp and clear.

We suggest looking at bold base colours and adding logos for a simplistic design. Or for those bolder choices, use images to show what you do or even images from your customer library.

There are no rules on how the artwork should look, so put pen to paper and brainstorm how to make the most unique divider possible.

Can the Print be Replaced?

Similarly, to the acoustic screen options, once the divider has been made, it’s not possible for the fabric or print to be replaced.

The chosen print will be a permanent feature, so taking time to think through the design will pay off in the future. Think longevity.

Another way to make the most of the printed canvas is the double sided aspect. Choose 2 different prints to cover the front and back, you then have some versatility of which design is facing which way.

The double sided print also encourages multiple messages and enables you to cover alternate parts of the business.

Where Can I Use Printed Screens?

Printed screens can be used in any room or environment.

As with the design, there are no limitations. Any space that could benefit from branding, bold colours and eye catching images is the right space.

Here are some of the suggested uses: –

Schools & educational settings

In conjunction with the dividing factor, printed partitions can be a learning tool. Use numbers, letters, nursery rhymes and visuals to spark creativity.


Any screen finish can be used in an office, and the printed option is no exception.

Most commonly used to display the company colours, department names, logos and slogans.
However, for break areas consider a relaxing colour palette to support time away from the office.