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How to Choose the Right Ad Sales Intelligence Tool For Your Team

The ability to sell is people-to-people, but sales reps shouldn’t rely on their social abilities alone. Sales intelligence tools allow sales reps to communicate with the appropriate people at the right moment.

In the field of advertising contacts are constantly changing and campaigns change. Sales reps have to invest sufficient time and effort into studying their prospects to determine if they match your ideal buyer profile (ICP).

If reps can find relevant and up-to-date information about brands, they are able to prepare customized pitches for better competent prospects.

But ad sales analytics aren’t just for sales reps marketing and agency executives are able to use these platforms to maximize their media spend as well as monitor competitors and discover new opportunities.

Be sure to select the right solution for your company.

What exactly is Ad Sales Intelligence Software?

Sales intelligence tools can help sales teams to gather data on customers and prospects. Through the aid of these instruments, sales executives are able to better understand their market as well as access buyer intention information, as well as other details about their accounts to aid in the conversion of prospective customers.

Tools for analyzing sales and marketing are specifically designed to the needs of sales teams in ad campaigns as well as marketers and agencies.

They cater to the particular requirements of sales reps for ad and other executives in advertising because they provide details on the brands’ advertising expenditure and strategies for campaigns, contact details agreements, buying times for media and much more.

In these tools, people can create lists of their options and prioritize their most lucrative potential.

Before making a convincing selling pitch, sales representatives must do their research regarding the person they’re presenting their sales pitch to. Software for analyzing sales leads can make this process much more efficient and efficient.

The Top 5 Benefits of Advertising Sales Intelligence Software

1. Sales intelligence tools for advertising provide you with the names of people to reach

Ad sales intelligence systems allow sales representatives to efficiently search for new business and make contact with the appropriate buyers. They release reports on trends in spending across major industries and allow teams to discover new opportunities.

After a sales representative has identified the company that matches their ICP They can then access the most important contacts within the organization. They can then add them to a list of potential customers.

High-quality software will give accurate contact details for important decision makers who represent the brand. It is important to keep the information regularly updated as contacts are likely to change frequently.

2. They can give you a better idea of the right time to seek help

This kind of software gives reps with insights into brand purchasing and planning for media. They aid reps to stay aware of RFPs that are coming up. Instead of being informed of an RFP that is due to be released several days before the time reps will have enough time to plan ahead.

3. They help you understand the context in which you can improve your pitch

If reps have access to the past spending history, data about cross-channel spending, large images of industry trends and the brand’s approach to creativity They have everything they require to give careful analysis into their customized pitch.

To avoid having to flit around a variety of tools or carry out endless manual research, the tools for sales intelligence in advertising bring all the latest information into one place.

There is a range of relevant data, including the most recent creatives, investments into the most expensive CPM campaigns (OTT podcasts, YouTube and Facebook) and the duration of campaigns.

You’ll have all the details necessary to plan, research and make your pitch to your potential clients.

4. They can help you build on existing relationships

With this type of software, it is possible to determine who is the one with the purse strings, and sometimes even their past records. This feature lets you can use your relationships with existing contacts to create an appealing cold email that is more likely to be read.

5. They allow you to surpass your competitors

It is only possible to gain an advantage over your competitors when you have reliable, accurate and current data in your possession.

Sales reps who are top performers do not succeed by guessing. They make use of data to guide them in their pursuit of opportunities, develop pitches, and keep their customers satisfied.
How to Select the Best Ad Sales Intelligence Tools for Your Team

The team at your company has decided that it’s the right time to invest in an advertising sales intelligence tool, or perhaps it’s the time to change platforms. What can you do to ensure that you be able to get the best results from a brand new tool? Begin your research by asking five key questions.

1. Do I have confidence in the information I receive?

Are you aware of where the information was gathered? What is the most recent or is it reliable?

When data is collected from other sources, issues appear within the information, particularly in terms of accuracy and timeliness.

2. Does it make sense to understand and use?

You could have the most powerful tools in your arsenal but if it’s not user-friendly and simple for sales representatives to make use of, it’s an investment that isn’t worth it.

The tools must be useful for reps and not a burden to handle during their hectic jobs.

The user experience be excellent however, the data must be simple to comprehend. The software used to analyze sales and marketing data will provide insight and context into the information.

3. Does the software take the privacy of data seriously?

Standards for the industry are constantly evolving, so it is important to choose an option that goes above and beyond the basic.

Check with the vendor to determine if they have a US Privacy Shield (US equivalent of GDPR in Europe) Participant. Are they in compliance in accordance with California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)? This is crucial, as any major company that purchases contact information is obliged to adhere to CCPA law, which is California’s law that governs privacy of individual users.

The program must be able to also show how they acquire the names that their sales reps rely on and also prove that the sources they use are in compliance with the law.

4. Can I modify the platform to meet my requirements?

Ad sales analytics tools can be utilized for a variety of purposes. With a tool which can be tailored to specific roles, you can conduct studies that are specific to your specific needs and objectives.

Sales reps are able to engage in a personalized approach to prospecting making use of the tool to sort prospects based on the factors that are important to them.

Media planners can utilize this tool to analyze their competitors and trends within the industry to determine the next best potential.

The tool must be able provide pertinent details that can assist you in reaching your individual objectives.