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Healthcare Marketing: Strategies & Tips to Grow Practices

Healthcare marketing has grown to become a sophisticated process of finding innovative ways to connect with patients, no matter where they are on the continuum of patient care.
Patients are now more interested in taking control of their healthcare journey and being educated about what you do.

To reach and educate existing patients, it is crucial to establish a successful healthcare marketing strategy.
What is Healthcare Marketing exactly?

Healthcare marketing is the art of creating marketing and communication plans to reach new patients. Healthcare marketing is about providing valuable content to patients through the care continuum. It uses websites, social networking, paid advertisement, SEO, email market, video and many other mediums.
Why is Healthcare Marketing important

Marketing in the healthcare industry is vital. This includes developing and executing marketing strategies to engage and educate patients.

Healthcare marketing should be patient-centric. That means it will focus on who the patient really is and what information they are interested in.

The healthcare industry is ever-changing, and patient education as well as information are quickly becoming the center of attention.

The healthcare market is competitive. With more competition and larger hospitals, it becomes more difficult to stand out and promote medical services.

Healthcare marketing helps you get noticed by your competitors through local search engines and social platforms.

Healthcare marketing is essential because it allows you to reach potential patients. It also positions you as a thought leader within your field.
Healthcare Marketing’s Benefits
1. Patients will be more likely to return

You know what that is? Engaging patients and increasing patient retention is key to attracting and retaining them. This is what effective healthcare marketing services should do.
2. Increase local physician referrals for the Practice

The local reach of your brand can lead to increased patient referrals.
3. Consider your Physicians to be Leaders in Healthcare

Your physicians can be involved in marketing initiatives using storytelling and video. This is a powerful way for them to show thought leadership in the field they are interested in.

This will make them trusted advisors to patients and increase their chances of being chosen over a local competitor.
4. Promote Important Medical Services

It is possible to highlight and promote physicians’ services and abilities using healthcare marketing tools like website, social media marketing, and healthcare content marketing.
5. Improve Patient Experience at the Practice

Healthcare marketing strategies can help patients get the best medical care. Patients also have the opportunity to have a wonderful experience.

Patients can communicate with their doctors quickly and efficiently and exchange valuable information.
6. The Healthcare Organization has the potential to expand its reach

Healthcare marketing has opened new doors for patients to share their journeys with them, educate the public about the disease, and provide information to patients and families.

Doctors can now communicate with patients and present themselves as industry thought-leaders. The more people who use online resources to find healthcare, the easier it is to get new leads.

Health marketing includes more than attracting patients. Analytics and tracking reports give you a 360-degree overview of which areas are most profitable for your marketing efforts and what actions you need to take to get to scale.
A Healthcare Marketing Strategy

Healthcare marketing strategy involves using a variety of marketing channels, both offline and online, to target patients and improve their care.

The number of healthcare marketing specialists and agencies that specialize in marketing to medical practices has increased substantially over the past five year.

Patients have become more technologically savvy in how they use and integrate the internet into everyday life.

Patients are becoming more sensitive to advertising messages as a result.

They want to feel that any advertising or marketing they see is patient-centric.

A growing number of potential patients are now turning to the internet via search engines or social platforms to manage their own health.

They seek information, hospitals, and practices to support their pursuit of optimal health.

80% look online to find information about a particular disease or medical condition.

How can you market your medical practice to the best healthcare marketing strategies?

Patients are online more than ever and it is important to establish healthcare marketing strategies for 2020.

You don’t know where to begin when it comes to creating a marketing plan for your medical practice.

It will not be a simple theory to say “create Facebook profile”, but we will analyze each component of a strategy for healthcare marketing.

What strategies to use
Why they are so successful
Real life examples and case studies
Get started with these instructions

This will prepare you to run your practice and bring about real growth after you’ve finished reading it.
Top Healthcare Marketing Strategies To Reach Patients

We are now more familiar with the importance and value of healthcare marketing services. Now it is time for us to examine the most effective tips to help you reach new patients and convert them.

Marketing in healthcare can be confusing. It is hard to know what to do or where to start. This is why we have created these marketing strategies for healthcare and case studies.

These are tried-and-trued tips for healthcare marketing that we share with clients every day.
1. Make a website about the Patient Experience

A website for a healthcare practice is one of their most important digital marketing assets.

What do you think?

Are there any other salespeople who can work 24/7/365 to sell and deliver content to potential clients whenever they are needed?

You can showcase relevant content regardless of the time, whether it’s midnight or you’re asleep at night.

Designing a medical website is important because it puts emphasis on user experience.

Describe who you really are and what your job entails.

2. Your Google My Business Starts Local SEO

A significant part of any healthcare market strategy is local.

Why? Because patients are typically only willing and able to travel so far to get care.

It is crucial that you win local searches for the specialty or condition you wish to treat.

About 80% do an internet search before booking an appointment.

Google My Business reigns supreme when it is about winning medical SEO searches.

Google My Business Listings: What are they?

Google My Business provides a free tool for doctors and businesses that helps them manage their online presence on Google.

There are several things that are most important when optimizing Google My Business.

Choose the most precise category (ex. See the photo of Hand Surgeon.
Be sure to include your location and what you do in the opening sentence of your business description. John Smith MD, for example, is a hand surgeon in Phoenix.
Completely complete all contact information

3. Your reputation matters, invest in patient testimonials

Reviews have become an integral part of any healthcare marketing strategy.

There are several reasons why this is so.

It is because of this that healthcare has been dominated by consumerism.

Meaning, patients search for physicians and medical services similar to Amazon. Patients do their research and review the products.

92% of consumers have read online reviews. This is an astonishing number. In healthcare, or in any other industry, reputation is crucial.

….reviews are another key local ranking factor to your Google My Business.

It’s true, you now understand how important Google My Business to healthcare marketing is. You can get the best results by consistently generating positive reviews.

To get started, the best recommendation is to find a good workflow for asking patients for reviews.

Automating as much of the process is the easiest way to be successful.

4. Great Content is the Key to On-Page SEO

One of my favourite personal quotes that I tell providers is: “If you want rank for this, you need to have a page for the it.”

Simply put, this means that for your focus specialty and procedure to appear high in local search rankings, you will need great, well-structured material on your website.

Consider, for example: You are an orthopedic office that wants to rank #1 within your local market in Spine Surgery.

We suggest you create an in-depth page about spine surgery on the website. Include all pertinent FAQs and who, what, and why.