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E2 Visa Business Plans

If you’re preparing to relocate to the United States operating or even start a brand new business, you’re possibly looking at the E 2 Treaty Investor Visa. The E-2 visa is a non-immigrant visa issued to folks from treaty nations that have invested or are definitely planning to invest a sizable sum of money in a United States business.

The term “substantial amount” may imply any quantity because absolutely no exact minimum has been defined. Nevertheless, our E 2 Visa lawyers recommend a financial investment of at least $80,000. The E-2 Treaty Investor Visa is usually valid for 3 to five years and also could be extended for an indefinite amount of time if the holder desires.

Besides satisfying the many eligibility requirements, obtaining an E 2 Visa calls for thoroughly laying out all pertinent details about you and the business of yours to the U.S. immigration officials in a simple, easy-to-follow business plan.

To prove that all the E 2 Visa requirements are already fulfilled, the business plan of yours has to clearly highlight your qualifications and supply strong financial forecasts. While this may seem complicated, getting an expert’s help is able to make a big difference in turning your visa application process right into a visa.

Our E 2 Visa attorneys have helped individuals from around the world craft comprehensive immigration business programs and applications which highlight their strengths. Here, our experts will guide you through everything you need to know about E-2 Visa business plans to enable you to get going.

When creating an E2 visa business plan, you’ll have to include things like much of the same content as standard company plans. although you are going to want to further elaborate on your investment, supply of capital, and power to set up and steer the business.

An E-2 Visa Business Plan also requires more background details on you as the candidate on top of the executive summary and business details that standard business projects set out.
How Should E-2 Visa Business Plans Be Written?

Due to the point that E2 visa marketplace strategies are written explicitly for USCIS, its language and tone should follow both immigration laws and legal business guidelines.

The immigration authorities that review the application of yours might not have a similar business background as typical audience of business plans, for this reason it’s crucial to make sure that it is created in clear and straightforward English without any grammar or spelling errors.

Because a business plan for the E 2 Visa has special needs and is vital to a successful application, having specialized legal assistance is important to starting your journey of entrepreneurship in the United States.
Key Point of the E 2 Visa Business Plan

At a minimum, the E 2 Visa business plans must consist of the following:

(a) An executive summary as well as business description introducing the company, its products or services, in addition to a broad introduction to why you and your business venture qualify for any E 2 visa;

(b) A description of your intended purpose of building and blowing the enterprise inside the United States, such as information that prove you are entering the Country for the sole goal of running the business, you have at least fifty % of the business, and that you are accountable for that daily operations;

(c) A audience analysis with information on its conditions, competitors, and an explanation of why the business of yours will be successful in the United States market;

(d) An extensive marketing strategy describing how the business will gain acknowledgment in its market and how it intends to participate with this market;

(e) A thorough hiring plan for the next five years of airers4you’s operations, including a description of each place they want to work with and how many workers they intend to hire, that proves that the company will create brand new jobs for regional residents;

(f) A talk on money with a 3-5 year financial projection, incorporating a balance sheet, a money flow statement, along with an income and loss statement, along with an explanation for the figures and assumptions in these statements;

(g) A section proving that you have possession and control of your investment funds, accompanied by proof of the source of money with a clear paper trail and evidence that the investment is “substantial” under E-2 investor visa guidelines;

(h) An operational approach section explaining the company’s management and company, as well as a description of your knowledge and abilities as the E 2 visa applicant and the way they relate to the business to ensure its viability;