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Benefits of Eco-Friendly Display Stands

Exhibition stands and accessories have been on the market for years, with the same pop ups and banner stands available. We’re in a time where conscious decisions are being made on the materials used and wanting to do more for the planet.

It’s exciting to see that the event industry is following suit and that the normal exhibition stands aren’t the only options available. If switching to another display solution can help the planet, reduce waste and the amount going into landfill, we’re heading in the right direction.

Making the decision to go green isn’t without its drawbacks, as the confidence with the systems and assemble isn’t there. But once you’ve had some practice and familiarized yourself with the lightweight, eco materials, you’ll be able to confidently display your brand.

Sustainable Materials

Reducing or eliminating the use of the plastic is the aim of the game and making sure the materials used are a more sustainable source.

Materials such as cardboard and fibreboards are taking the reins when it comes to exhibition design and offering alternative designs. Both options are 100% recyclable, so at the end of their life, you know you’ll be disposing of the item in the best possible way.


Just because the display products are made with recyclable materials, doesn’t mean they are designed for one use.

Being sustainable, shouldn’t mean using once and disposing, it’s important that the display stand can be transported to numerous events. The fibreboard solution, is stronger than you’d think and can hold a surprising amount of weight.

Your exhibition stand will be as functional as always but with impressive eco-friendly credentials.

Light weight and flatpack

Strong, recyclable – what else can the eco-friendly display stands offer?

In general exhibition stands can be heavy due to the aluminum and plastics used to create the frame and panels. However, the eco-friendly exhibition stands and accessories are extremely light.

The lightweight and compact design makes it easy to transport and store. Flatpack designs ensure the displays are suitable for smaller storage spaces, but can also be built in a fairly quick time.

Attract Like Minded Companies

In an exhibition hall that’s overflowing with stands and competition, standing out isn’t a bad thing! And standing out because you’re taking a greener route is even better.

As businesses venture to make offices more sustainable, the need for eco products is just as high. Displaying that you’re also taking a similar route could be attractive. Eco-friendly businesses will want to work with those who want to make greener, cleaner and sustainable choices.