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FAQS: Export Health Certificates

The EHC can be a valid document that proves that the information provided on the consignment is correct and the consignment meets EU regulations and health standards.

Since January 1st, 2021 EHCs are required on every export shipment from Scotland into the EU which contain Products of Animal Origin (POAO) or composite food products (products that are intended for consumption by humans only, which include an assortment of processed goods from animals (POAO) or plant products that are used as the main ingredient i.e not only added to flavor or processed).

Companies that transport items of animal or plant origin that are intended for human consumption in GB into Northern Ireland, are required to present their Export Health Certificate on goods moves. Imports of products from animal origin will require a pre-notification prior to import through TRACES . There will be physical inspections upon arrival at delivery. There are some relaxations regarding the requirements for selling at supermarkets, and future updates to be issued regarding the future applications the easement.

Learn more about GOV.UK.

The Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) is the agency accountable for the issuance of EHCs.

Businesses must register and apply for EHCs in order to export out of Scotland in Europe, the EU or Northern Ireland using the online service. Businesses must have an Government Gateway account and a Defra account prior to applying. If you don’t have these accounts then you’ll be instructed to create them when you sign up for this service your first time.

Businesses can locate the correct EHC and the necessary documents to be able to export live animals or animal product by searching for the most current version of these certificates at the APHA website.

Companies will need to get an accredited professional sign off on their EHC. New exporters will need to find a certified person and obtain their services prior to filing their export certificate application. There is a current list of professionals who are approved on GOV.UK.

There is a guideline to be found:

Guideline to Food Business Operators on EHC

Webinar tutorial recorded regarding EHCs specifically for Food Business Operator

Webinar recorded on EHC issues by Seafood Scotland

Assistance with getting EHCs in Scotland is also available by contact your local authority’s Environmental Health Department. Note that while these contacts are monitored during the holiday time, there could be delay in responding to queries.

Additional assistance in the area of EHC is accessible to Scottish companies via Food Standards Scotland.

EHC Checklist

Visit Defra’s formfinder and verify that the product conforms to the requirements for export. If there is doubt the exporter must contact their certification agency.

Sign up to get the EHC Online account

Once you’ve registered and are logged in you can look up the EHC you require via GOV.UK form Finder

It is the duty of the exporter to ensure that their application is accepted by the EHC Online. They must ensure whether the Certifying Officer (CO) they intend to employ is certified for EHC Online; you cannot utilize them if they’re not registered.

Fill out your EHC application using EHC Online

Review and verify the notes for guidelines to ensure that the exports conform to the requirements of the country to which they are going

Get your consignment checked and verified by your CO

Check that your verified EHC travels with your export consignment