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What Colour Shoes Should I Own?

You’re wondering if should purchase a second pair of shoes or if you’ve got enough.

What is the right amount of numerous and how many pairs of shoes should a man have?

I would suggest that every man should have at the very least 4 pair of footwear. It is essential to have a fashionable pair of formal shoes and casual occasions, a casual pair and a smart pair of trainers and an athletic pair of trainers for exercising.

If you’re planning to have the bare minimum, four pairs of footwear should be adequate. On average, a man could own between 10 and 20 pairs of footwear that will cover any occasion you have.

What number of shoes should a man have?

In truth there’s no one magic number. However, there are some ways to figure out what number of pairs will be the best for you by examining the types of shoes that suit your preferences.

The Best Shoes For The Right Event

If you prefer to dress casually or sporty, you’ll require some pairs of casual shoes. If you’re in an occupation that requires you to dress in formal attire and go to formal events it’s a more sophisticated route.

Let’s face it: we all lead a different life. There’s a good chance that we’ll all buy a lot of shoes for the things we’re today.

For every event You can simplify it into the following:

Smart Shoes up to 2 pair
Smart Casual Shoes 2-3 pairs
Training and Fitness Equipment One to two pairs
Boots 1 pair
Slip Ons/Sandals/Flip Flops – 1 pair

As mentioned earlier it is possible to scale up or down the size of shoe based on your style and lifestyle selection.

If you’re seeking the smallest number of shoes needed for every occasion, four pairs of shoes will be enough to get through any occasion.

What kind of shoes does Men Need?

Here’s a brief overview of the kinds of shoes available by type, and the types of shoes that you can find for each occasion.
Fashionable Dressy Shoes (Dressy)

If you’re looking for formal shoes, there are several options. These include:

Patent Leather
Oxford Shoes
Derby Shoes
Monk Strap

Patent Leather

This is the most elegant and formal pair of shoes. These are only worn when you attend evenings with a formal dress code. You won’t be looking to purchase these unless you are attending numerous formal occasions.
Oxford Shoes

The most stylish shoes that you can wear to dress up for formal events. They are your preferred pair of sneakers when you’re looking to put on some elegant shoes.
Derby Shoes

They’re remarkably like Oxfords however those who are who are aware will be able to tell the distinction. They are regarded as somewhat less formal than Oxford lace-ups, however they are they are still elegant enough for formal occasions.
Monk Strap

A better alternative to formal or fashionable shoes is the monk straps. Like the name implies, these are a strap or double strap instead of laces to hold the shoes on your foot. These are an excellent option if you’re purchasing more than one pair of stylish shoes.
Smart Casual shoes (Semi Formal)

If you’re in search of smart casual men’s footwear, here are the best:

Smart Trainers
Chelsea Boots
Chukka Boots


Brogues are thought to be to be the most casual dress shoes, therefore I’ve put them in the category of smart casual. However, they’re actually an excellent shoe to put on when compared to trainers. If you’re searching for a universally stylish and stylish casual shoe, choose brogues.

Brogues are a fantastic pair of footwear if you’re going out with a friend and are going to a place that is casual.
Smart Trainers

When I think of smart trainers, I’m thinking of low-profile trainers that are minimalist in design. An excellent example would be Adidas Stan Smith. It is a simple white, clean look. You can choose the same style with different colours. Common Projects have been the most popular choice for many people with this type of style.

If you’re a lover of boots or as an alternative to shoes, Chelsea boots are the best option. They are the best option for boots.
Chukka Boots

If you are looking for something that retains a sharp edge, but is more casual in its appearance and style, a pair or Chukka boots are a great option.

Casual and Sports Trainers

Sports Trainers
Low-Profile Trainers (e.g. Converse)
Hi Tops

Sports Trainers

In terms of sports trainers, I am a fan and am a huge fan of having a variety of choices. To give you an example, these are trainers like Nike Air Max, and other trainers for sports.

If you’re a fan of sneakerheads and love trainers, you’re bound need to own several pairs of these.
Low Profile Trainers

There’s a wide selection of low-profile casual trainers, however Converse Chuck Taylors as well as Old Skool Vans come to your mind. These are some of the coolest and comfortable casual trainers that you can purchase.
Hi Tops

A pair of high-top trainers is a possibility. Again, brands such as Converse are a good preferred choice for this kind of style.
What color Shoes Do I Need?

No matter if you’re purchasing just one pair of shoes or building a huge collection, choosing the right color correct is crucial.

To maximize flexibility, I suggest buying different shoes in different colors however, you should keep it simple.

If you’re purchasing stylish shoes or casual ones It’s best to own at least one set of shoes in black. They will provide you with the greatest flexibility, allowing you to wear them for any occasion from funerals to Christening.

If you want to you can select another color in the 2ndone, for instance brown.

This will allow you to have more options when you’re trying to put together outfits to match your shoes.

The less you have will be, the more adaptable the color of your footwear is.

A crisp and white trainer with black or brown shoes, and an dark color pair of trainers will be enough.

If you have a vast collection of clothes, you can get creative with the colors. If you’re looking to stand out, then you should opt for an eye-catching design or vibrant hues to help make your outfit pop.
Common Questions about How Many Shoes You Need to Own
What Do I do to Know If I’m wearing too many Shoes?

Take a look at your shoe racks and your wardrobe. Do you have any shoes you rarely wear? Do you remember when you last put on one shoe?

This indicates that you’re carrying excessive shoes. If you’re wearing shoes you don’t wear often this means that you’re wearing more shoes than you’ll ever need.

This is a quick way to determine whether you’re wearing too many shoes.
How Do I Create I Have A Minimalist Shoe Collection?

If you’re looking for a minimal and minimal collection of shoes The best approach to doing that is to only buy the shoes you require. The above tips and suggestions will guide you to accomplish this by only purchasing shoes that match your needs and lifestyle.

If you’ve got many shoes, you might consider getting rid of a few. This could mean recycling the shoes by giving them away, or selling them in good state.

Once you’ve reduced your shoe collection down to an acceptable size, the most important thing is to stop buying any additional shoes until you’re absolutely required.
Do Two Pairs Of Shoes Enough?

The amount of shoes you have depends on your personal style. Two pairs of shoes may suffice, particularly when they’re of different styles.

A good example is the smart casual sneakers for everyday wear or shoes that are suitable to wear on formal events.

In accordance with your lifestyle depending on your lifestyle, you might be able to wear only two pair of shoes, provided that they’re not of the same formal style.
How many pairs of shoes should I own?

It all depends on the stage of your life and the time of your life. As you grow older, you’ll likely get more shoes, with different styles like the ones mentioned above. This will increase the collection as time passes.

A typical man could have between 10 and 20 kinds of sneakers.

Certain will be identical to the design but with a different colour as an alternative, while others are an alternative design.