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Reap The Rewards Of Coworking In Finsbury Park

Spaces for coworking are on forefront of a brand new style of working that is capturing the attention of companies across the globe, and encouraging the shift away from traditional fixed-rent office spaces. Estimates suggest to have 30000 dedicated coworking facilities worldwide in 2023. The industry is predicted growing at an average of 20% per year until the 2024 year and even beyond.

Are you wondering what is the cause for this exponential growth? It’s quite simple – the advantages of coworking spaces for both companies and coworking companies are too good to overlook. From cost-savings to ensuring employees’ wellbeing, focusing on flexibility and enabling collaborative work, spaces for coworking provide advantages that typical fixed-office space simply cannot compete with.

Understanding in depth what the advantages of coworking spaces are vital for those in the business side of the sector , as you’ll need to draw on these benefits when designing and advertising your service. This is true whether you’re a business proprietor thinking about incorporating coworking facilities as a standard post-COVID-19, or an traditional office space owner thinking of making your space more flexible to accommodate the new demands of users and coworkers, these are the top advantages of coworking spaces must be considered.

More flexibility

One of the biggest advantages of coworking spaces over traditional central workspace is that the employees have more control over their method of working. Particularly after being forced to work at home for a long time in the COVID-19 lockdown certain employees may discover that their environment at home helps to accomplish more work.

Flexible offices are fantastic as they allow employers the opportunity to give their employees the most beneficial of both. If they think they’ll work better from their home, there is no obligation to come at the office. But, if they’re in need of an opportunity to change their surroundings for an increase in productivity or need to work with colleagues for purposes of collaboration it is possible to travel to the coworking area.

In contrast to a fixed office space, in which employees are expected to show on a daily basis to finish their work the choice of a flexible workplace allows employees to select the working style that is best for them.


The advantages of coworking spaces can also bring financial advantages, since the method of paying for space shifts from a fixed rate to a variable model. instead of paying a fixed cost for a traditional private office space that may contain more space than you require every day using a coworking facility will mean that you pay for what you actually need and only at times you’re in need of it.

Eliminating the notion of sunk expenses in the office means that there’s no reason to waste money in the event that employees do not show into their offices, in the event that they believe they’re more productive home. This allows employers to let employees work at home on a more comfortable schedule, since they’re not losing money because they’re not making the most of the space they’ve paid for.

Coworking spaces also have additional benefits in terms of cost-efficiency, too. The most notable of these is the savings you get in other costs that are associated with having a private office space, for example, the expense of amenities, cleaning and internet access, as well as utilities and insurance. These are all expenses that aren’t usually included in the cost of an ordinary office, but are as part of the majority of coworking office space prices.

Opportunities to network

Coworking spaces are a magnet for different freelancers and companies because they are. This means that they provide users with the opportunity to meet casually with other companies in a professional atmosphere which is in complete contrast to the closed-off environment of private offices.

The kind of informal meetings that coworking spaces host may be merely for introductions but they can also result in long-lasting relationships or even directly business opportunities. This is an added benefit that coworking spaces provide which isn’t often discussed but is something worth thinking about.

Many coworking spaces organize special social or networking events in which you’ll be able to learn about the companies you’re working with and find out ways to help one another.

Balance between work and life

Work-life balance and employee wellness are two areas that are taking off in the world of business with plans such as unlimited holidays as well as flexible working hours and employee assistance programs being embraced by top companies all over the world.

While many of the benefits employers provide employees to improve their health are active, that was a deliberate choice by the company coworking space, they can also provide employees wellness benefits with a less active sense. It could be a partnership with local leisure centers or gyms or the offering of yoga classes for the community, or providing shower facilities on-site There are a myriad of ways that coworking spaces could aid in improving the health of their clients.

These benefits may also have positive effects on employee satisfaction and happiness, productivity and retention. Therefore, they can benefit employers, as well.

Productivity increases

Traditional offices are very specific in its way of housing employees and if certain employees don’t feel energized by the traditional workplace, their performance is likely to suffer. Coworking spaces can alleviate some of the issues, by being optimized to maximize productivity, and offer an array of workplaces which accommodate various work styles.

It doesn’t matter if you prefer an environment that is social to work in or prefer some peace and quiet in a private space It’s likely that you’ll find an area that’s suitable for your needs in a coworking workplace. They typically have common hot desks for times those who want to socialize, and more private areas for work the times you’re just looking to get your thoughts in order.

Coworking spaces can also provide the benefits of productivity when working from home , if you are a believer in the theories that underlie equity theory. The theory states that your efficiency and work levels in the workplace are determined by the intensity at which the other people around you are working. The convenience of working from home eliminates any notion of how hard your coworkers are working, other than the superficial. Coworking areas are the center of high-quality productivity.

Reducing loneliness

It’s just a Google search to uncover hundreds of articles on how to deal with the loneliness that comes from working at home, which is evidence of its own that the loneliness caused by homework is a serious issue.

Like an office of the traditional kind provide, coworking spaces also help reduce loneliness by offering an environment that is social, where everyone can work in complete solitude. An open water cooler or a conversation with a friend or fellow coworking space users is one step from your desk, so when you’re in need of an escape from your workstation There’s a place to chat.

No lease for a long time

One of the most significant advantages of coworking spaces, particularly in unstable times like the one we are in and the possibility to not be tied into an unenforceable long-term lease or agreement to use your workplace. When you work in a coworking facility it allows you to be completely at liberty to move to a different office or reduce the number of days you work in your space or even switch completely to work anytime you wish.

It’s not the situation you’d get from an office that is traditional, in which case you could be in a lease for five years with a hefty break clause. The inflexibility that leases for private offices provide can be limiting in normal situations however it can be particularly detrimental in the event that a COVID-19 lockdown scenario is coming up.

Widespread access

If you’re a frequent traveler for work, you’re likely familiar with using coffee shops as temporary homes in towns and cities that are new. Although they’re an “in-a-pinch” option however, you’re probably aware that they’re not ideal locations for encouraging productivity.

An office space that’s conventional can’t be taken with you on your travels This is the reason you may be in coffee shops more frequently than you’d prefer to If you’re using flexible workplaces you’ll never be too far from a place you can utilize as your base for your day. Some coworking companies even provide international or national passes that let you make use of their facilities no matter where you travel.

This is likely to be an more important as the coworking industry expands and more spaces become available in more accessible places.

Collaboration opportunities

We’ve discussed the networking advantages that co working office in Finsbury Park provides by exposing other businesses as well as individuals who utilize the common space, however they also offer direct opportunities for collaboration.

Working in the same area as tens of other companies or freelancers as well as professionals, you can open your mind to collaboration with experts in areas that you are not familiar with. This could mean that you are able to trade services in exchange to benefit each other, receive help for free from a new acquaintance or solicit advice from a fellow hot-desker. guidance.

There’s a sense of community in coworking spaces that make collaborations like this more open and accessible in ways that it’s not previously been.

Spark of creativity

The other benefit of coworking workspaces designed for workers is the fact they’re designed to promote creativity efficiency, productivity, and efficient working practices.

It’s not uncommon to feel that the design of offices in traditional private workplaces hasn’t been altered a great amount over the past few decades or even enough to reflect the shifts that have taken place in our work habits. Coworking spaces, on the contrary side, being quite contemporary in their design tend to include all the latest features in order to help make time at working more efficient.

From conference rooms to breakout areas, leisure zones , and even on-site bars the majority of coworking spaces have spaces where you can unwind, relax, or revive your creativity.