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Can your organisation benefit from a 360 virtual tour

Virtual Tours are a must-have for your business.
1. Google ranks higher and increases visibility

Research shows that Google My Business listings with a virtual tour and photos rank higher than local competitors. This increases the chance of your listing being in the Local Pack, a highly visible section of the Goolge search results.

Users spend more time looking at listings with 360 images on Google. This tells Google that people are interested and ranks the listing higher.

Local SEO is often misunderstood and can have a negative impact on local businesses’ online rankings. Many local business owners overlook the importance of investing in good local SEO strategies. The results of SEO are often not as clear cut. It takes at least three months for actual results to be seen. Most people who don’t have control over their Google My Business (GMB) listing don’t know that they can track the results from their Local SEO campaign.

Online engagement is increased by virtual tours

Your GMB page should have a call-to-action button (Book Now, Contact us etc.) to help your customers. Businesses can increase their online bookings by adding a virtual tour on a GMB. This is possible in certain industries.

This theory states that your virtual tour will help your customers understand your business, shop, or products. Because they are already on your GMB page, these visitors are more likely to interact with you.
Social Media

The Local Results algorithm takes into account the social signals from your brand or company. Google will discover you if people engage with your content and share photos on various platforms.

There are many platforms that allow you to combine virtual tours with social/business posts.
This is where LinkedIn and Facebook excel.

You can post a virtual tour of your business on Facebook or LinkedIn. This allows anyone who hasn’t used Google to look at your business and see inside. This will increase your reach as well as the interaction you have with visitors.

2. Your business personality

A 360-degree virtual tour provides a fantastic representation of your brand at a glance. A virtual tour will instantly show off the personality of your company to most direct searches for your business.

If you have memorabilia from your local sports team displayed in your bar, it will let people know that you are a dedicated place to them. A valuable marketing signal.

Maybe you have a hair salon. Your virtual tour will give customers a glimpse of your brand identity, including the tiled floor, leather-studded chairs, and modern lights hanging from the ceiling. Customers will be more likely to identify with your business when they see it in a real, authentic way.

3. Transparency and trust should be increased

A virtual tour of your business is more than just a way to show off your personality. This is more than just telling people about your products or business. You are actually showing them. The tour allows them to roam (virtually), wherever they like within it. This shows that your company is honest, open and transparent about its space.

This is a great way to make event spaces like galleries, theatres, and meeting rooms more efficient. Potential customers can get a 360-degree tour of the venue, as well as a 3D dollshouse view to give them a better idea of how big your space is and whether it is suitable for them. Your customers know exactly what they are getting when they choose your business.

4. Giving people what they need

Today’s majority of internet users are Millennials and Generation Z. They find out about products through search and social media. Generation Z has a attention span of 8 seconds, according to reports. However, the brain has already processed visual information from your virtual tour so it is possible to grab their attention if you use the correct content.

Internet users today are more open to content that explains what they don’t know and allows them to interact. Content that is tangible, visual and understandable by the user is more appealing. These needs are met by a virtual tour, which will help you achieve greater results in digital marketing.

5. Non-local prospects can experience your business

Your virtual tour, especially if linked to Google StreetView, can help non-local prospects tour your business or property. This applies to people with mobility problems.

Non-local prospects will be able to tour your space, which helps to refine their search and makes them more confident about making a decision to visit.

6. Double the interest in your business

Google claims that virtual tours increase interest in listings by 100%. This statistic speaks for itself. It’s easy to see how virtual content, whether on a website, social media, or GMB listing, can increase interest in a business.

A virtual tour published to Google will double the interest in your business.

7. Customers can make informed decisions

Users can use a virtual tour to help them research. They can refine their search and make informed decisions about your business.

Users can quickly grasp the atmosphere of a restaurant. If you have a wedding venue, your customers may look around to see how the space looks.

Imagine how much time you could save as an Estate agent by not having people show you around properties they haven’t liked within five minutes of their arrival. They’re already warm leads when they see the virtual tour. They have seen the property before, so they are already interested in buying it.

Our virtual tours can also be customized with your branding and contact information. They know where to find the tour and who to return to.

8. Attract More Customers

Virtually everyone searches online for businesses before making a purchase. You’re more likely than not to get them to visit your business if they have a virtual tour. This is true even if they aren’t local because they have had the opportunity to ‘look around.

People who live in remote areas or are unable to move around the country are not restricted. By using a 360 virtual tour company, your connection can reach more people than those in your locality, county or city.